call of duty

LOL this is real life:

Srs business right there.  Those guys definitely have 11B Army Marine Sniper from the sandbox level equivalent skills with the controller.

Is shit talking within the rules at those events?  There seems to be some chest puffing and show boatin’, but I wonder if it gets really nasty and hurtful ever just to psyche one of the other nerds out?

1:06 – $1M prize!  haha sweet.  That’ll show mom and dad.

Call-Of-Duty-modern-warfare-2-screenshot1:21 – WORLD COWWADOODY CHAMPS… kiss the ring bitches.

hahah I see they are sponsored by “Sound Blaster”. I remember growing up, back when I used to build my own computers (oh shit who’s the nerd now?), my buddy one-upped my Sound Blaster in a build he did shortly after. On the low, I was so choked.



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Partnered up with Call of Duty. This is cool:

Call of Duty ® Advanced Warfare and Uber partnered up with a powerful new class of rideshare vehicles: military-grade APCs. The Cyclone Armored Personnel Carriers featured combat armor plating, curb weight of 17,000 lbs, and 6.7L turbo diesel engines released 800 lb-ft of torque and took to the streets of LA during the week of E3.

Wow, Call of Duty has quite the marketing budget.  They have been talking about this for almost a year now I swear.  It still doesn’t come out until November 4th of this year.  Note to self: Invent something pre-teen parent’s basement dwellers throw money at.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareIt would be cool if uber let you pick armored cars in general.  PreTHish CarGOOOO Comin’ threwwwwwwww  ahahah I slay myself.

Thoughts?  Would operate with despite the fact you probably think Advanced Warfare is going to be a pile of shit?


ice-t-with-gunhaha that “dance” sounds interesting.


The amount of detail and money poured into these games is incredible:

I still can’t get over how real digi-Kevin Spacey looks.  I’m sure there are some really tedious and repetitive things that need to be done to add realism to these games, but working on such a project doesn’t seem like your “average” job.

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareHopefully this game doesn’t disappoint you guys who are looking forward to it.  A lot of skepticism seems to surround these releases now.



Is this real life?

Basically this summarizes the weapon personalization packs shown in the video:

bruno-gayThey might as well just put a fuchsia dick pattern on those rifles.  Teenagers these days *smh*.  I would have thought COD could have come up with something a little more tastefully tactical.



A virtual Kevin Spacey tells us what’s up:

Looks like he’s had some work done. Holy the weapons and the vehicles look high tec.

VICE takes a look a the implications of Private Military Companies (PMCs):

Call-of-Duty-Advanced-WarfareInteresting stuff.  

Are people excited for this game?   Damn I see it comes out November 4th, 2014… that’s a while yet!