It was only a matter of time before the camera guys got a thang too:

hahah.  I’ll now say “Thoughts?” just to be consistent.

Gat tip: C4_boom

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is funny:

Ok ok I’ll say that was funny and well done.  April fools day in general though I find to be the cringiest day of the year.  I say this because even the most white bread companies are like “we should go viral” so they make some “neva bin done befo” derp up which isn’t funny most of the time.  Naturally a good percentage of the viewers don’t even understand the concept of April fool’s day, or remember it happens once a year so those companies get a bunch of phone calls and emails etc..

ahaha the top comment on the video is “Are you planning for one designed for selfies?” -jbmotter

Thoughts?  Do you like April fools day, or do you find in general it’s played out as well?

Gat tip: Thanks to everyone who sent it in


So a specific phone was invented:

Taser-Axon-Head-Mounted-Camera-PoliceMeh this could have been way funnier if the acting wasn’t so rigid.  I haven’t posted any filmed open carry “AM I BEING DETAINED?!” type videos on here lately but I’m sure people are still trying hard to troll.  Leonard Embody (kwikrnu) actually crossed my mind a couple days ago… I wonder if he has baited the police enough to cash in on a lawsuit yet?  He’s definitely the type to have his name on “red-alert-wake-me-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-with-a-foghorn gooogle alerts” at any mention of his name, so hopefully he will stop by and chime in.



Kydex lens cap holder:


Linoge from Walls Of The City gets his DIY on like a villain.  I like the idea, and it could also double as a Kydex Condom Holster when you put the camera down from professionally photographing hot babes all day.  Go throw some money at his Honored American Veterans Afield (HAVA) fundraiser / giveaway if you’re feeling charitable and want to win some cool stuff!  I tossed a couple shirts in the mix for that.

I can’t take credit for the clever post title… I lifted it from a good rap track Evidence – It Wasn’t Me, give it a listen!



Access the revolving insert from the side and reach any lens in seconds:

1:08 for a good demo of the revolving action.


I’m glad they didn’t call it an “Assault Backpack”.  Really cool / functional looking idea.

The Revolver-8 PL revolving backpack is available over at Amazon for $249.


Might be worth looking into if you do a lot of photography and lens switching.  If you google review on it, they all seem to be very positive.



A few days ago I posted some throwback 1985 pics of my state of the art VHS Camcorder mounted on the Strikemark Picatinny Rail Camera Mount.

The two random mount winners:

  • #61175 – USSMunkfish
  • #61164 – Dilhack

You guys will be contacted for your addresses soon.  If you have a bigger camera than I do, you gotta mount it and send me pics!

Thanks goes out to Strikemark for the mounts, and to everyone that entered!