On 1 April, TACOM Life Cycle Management Command issued the Maintenance Information Message MI 10-040 “Camouflaging Specific Small Arms” stating that, given command approval, Soldiers are permitted to camouflage the M4/M16 weapon systems with paint.

See the guide in PDF format – HERE

As the guide says at the end, weapons painting has been elevated to a fine art. I don’t know where the awesome examples I saved on my harddrive went, but some of the paint jobs I have seen are breathtaking.  The example the have in the PDF is pretty weak looking as far as artistry goes, although it still would likely look better than black in the right environment.

I’d like to see the military started paying soldiers that are also artists extra money to paint rifles. The talented guys shouldn’t have to work for free just because their whole unit would rather not walk around with the plain old black color scheme.


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This looks creepy, awesome, and uncomfortable all at the same time:

I have no idea what type of beer, gas mask, or camouflage that is, so I have no idea what country these guys are from.

Anyone know?

I wonder if he plugged his nose with something before donning the mask?  Getting beer up your nose has gotta be painful. :P

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Skydiving with a claymore electrical taped on… The most badass picture you’ll see all day:

I’ve never been skydiving, and I don’t plan to.  I don’t even like planes.  Although as a fail safe I often though it would be cool to know how to skydive just incase the plane you were on was going to crash.  I’m sure the TSA would frown upon me taking a parachute as a carry on though. :lol:

More on the M18A1 Claymore Antipersonnel Mine – HERE