Smh this:

Yooooooo somebody come get their Canadian mans. ūüėā

The site is and it is every bit as much of a cultural appropriation train wreck as you might expect.¬† You guys know how much I hate cultural appropriation ūüėā, which I happened to recently¬†express in a VODA post.¬† Initially I thought the site was a joke, but it appears they actually have the products in stock and ready to sell.¬† The Canadian guy Ryan who sent this to me couldn’t really believe it either.¬† Also, it seems they are the first company in history that actually CHOSE to have a shitty hyphen in their URL.¬† Wait, are hyphens in URLs a sought-after Canadian thing?¬† I say this because at the time of writing this post is very much still available. ūü§Ē¬†Wild times we’re living in.

I laugh, but piehitters are becoming a problem in Canada according to the CBC in this article they published this past May.  Oh man I almost fell off my chair when I saw this:

LOL a cattle prod A.K.A. what I like to call “The Canadian Extendo”.


Gat tip: Ryan… and Ryan if you secretly own this Threeper Gear company, bravo on the effort and for getting me to post it.¬† You finessed me with your cordial DMs.¬† I hope you need to make multiple trips to the bank to drop off all the loonies and toonies you’ll make from referral sales off this post to ENDO reading Canadians who were on the threep fence.

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VICE takes 22 minute look:

Decent enough documentary. I know some of you guys are going to hate it “because VICE”. If you give it a chance, this girl is more “Millennial” than the usual “Hipster” that VICE hires.

11:30 – Offers up her .338 Lapua for the VICE girl to shoot FIRST off. ¬†I mean I guess that girl¬†shot an AR-15 with that other guy earlier on… but What a dick this lady not warning her it was going to kick like a beast compared to the AR-15.

I like how the VICE girl really kept an open mind, and actually went through with it all and bought a gun.  Took her friend out to shoot after, and she loved it too.  That was cool. Too bad she sold her rifle a few weeks later, just because Canada made it too big of a pain in the ass for her to enjoy it. Oh well.



Holy Jesus this is 1 hour and 12 minutes long AND A SCHOOL PROJECT:

Operators: Little Blue, Giggles, Chief, Toshy, Jules, Monster, Mumbles, Blinken, Ralph, Bear, Boo, Monkey,

2:54 РI had no idea it was even legal for 11 year olds to shoot handguns with other kids in Canada, much less draw from a holster while laying on her back.  I know the video description says the dad was present.

4:23 – The tradition in their family on a kid’s 11th birthday is to get everything they need for their new Plate Carrier. ¬†That’s legit.

35:34 – That was “Training” that you just witnessed those kids doing (according to her).

46:45 – Damn their mom must be a saint. ¬†The amount of time I’ve seen mags hit the hardwood floor in this video I can’t even count. ¬†There’s no way that’s not leaving dents. LOL

48:27 – Holy… robots live! ¬†LOL at the gear and the scans too, wow.

So there you have it… if you made it though the whole thing that’s the organized kid militia of¬†Five 56 Concepts out of Canada. Even if you didn’t like the video you have to respect the fact this is a school project haha. Pretty chilled out school, wow. Must be deep in rural Alberta. I can’t imagine any city schools anywhere being totally cool with this.

Honestly I don’t know what the hell I just watched / skipped through. ¬†Just because you have a gun in your hand and are doing anything at all… it doesn’t count as training. ¬†The post-engagement derp scanning was on point haha. ¬†If they are having fun and staying safe I suppose no harm done. ¬†The main girl mentioned at some point in the video about being in some sort of cadets training.

Organized-Kid-Militia-CanadaI probably missed a lot of parts I could have talked about… if anyone has any good ones to add be sure to let me know in the comments.

Thoughts? Would operate with?

Hat tip:  xPressureDropx


Some parents are unsurprisingly flipping out:

CALGARY, ALBERTA – A couple of Grade 5 boys brought shell casings and live ammunition to her children’s elementary school.¬†“They had been selling or¬†giving away the casings to their Grade 5/6 classmates and one live bullet was sold to a boy in Grade 5,”

“If the kids are bringing the ammo to school, how are they getting a hold of it and what about the gun that goes with it?¬†Is it as equally available to them and is that the next step?

Full Story – CBC News

Oh no! ¬†What’s the next step! ¬†Hopefully these kids don’t have 3D printers, or access to a hardware store in Calgary.

Looks like the kids will just be disciplined for “selling personal items at school” which is apparently against the rules.

Officials are now investigating how the students got their hands on the ammunition and shell casings. 

“Sometimes this stuff is found, sometimes they find it in the homes of their parents or guardians, and then if that was the case we would speak to the parents and determine the circumstances behind that,” said Sgt. Duane Lepchuk.

Maybe they should get CSIS on it… this really sounds like something which needs lots more delving into. ¬†Assemble the best detectives, and call the top mounties with the shiniest boots,¬†poofiest¬†pants, and best horses ASAP.


I’m just glad these kids didn’t have some advanced prototypes of R.I.P. Ammunition. ¬†THOSE ROUNDS ACT LIKE A HOLE SAW THROUGH EVERY BARRIER KNOWN TO MAN SO FAR GUYS REMEMBER?!


Hat tip: Jon


Time to light a fire under some Canadian asses… You have until midnight Pacific time. ¬†Get those orders in!


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$15 Shipping Flat Rate.  Minimum $50 Purchase.

Head over to ENDO Apparel to place your order.

Orders will be assembled and shipped out the first week of July.  Canada has a notoriously slow postal system so orders could take up to 15 business days to arrive after mailing date.

Thanks for all the support!