candy cane

Mattv2099 got festive:

futurama_santa-gun3:57 – LOL.  That should be a selectable feature… firing the slide off.

I can’t help but be reminded when I watch his vids, why I always buy new rather than used items.

What do you think the possibility that Gaston knows who Mattv2099 is?  I think it’s quite possible.  I’d love to see them meet a SHOT some year, and Gaston be like a real gentleman about it and a huge fanboy and want a picture with Matt.  He would then offer to fly Matt out to Austria to see production and give one of every new model that ever comes out for his own Trollture T&E, as long as he reports back with the results.


Straight out of North Pole skunkworks:

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the C3C is a special ultra compact application suitable for close gifting and close protection operations by Santa’s special forces (SPS and SPECGIFT.)

The Mk12 Tenenbaum Launcher fires 75mm High Cheer Ballistic Christmas trees up to 500 meters for an area cheer effect.

Part of the C3 “Candy Cane Carbine” family of candy cane-based weapons, the Donner & Blitzen Accurized Candy Cane Carbine can reliably put a candy projectile on a 25mm diamater target at 300 meters. Featuring Rudolph 4-12×50 optics.

Source – Santa’s Little Secret Service

Hahha the descriptions are the best part.  For those that don’t know, Santa’s Little Secret Service is a highly trained group of operators that have been keeping Santa safe since Christmas of 2006.

Hat tip: Matt