A foreign pastime apparently:

Apparently people either use lighter fluid or calcium carbide.  Pressure builds up inside when you put the flame near a small hole drilled in the back and KABOOM!

Doesn’t look like the safest thing on earth but hey life isn’t safe.

Garbage-CannonIn video one and two I think it’s pretty safe to say alcohol was involved.  LOL at the guy’s laugh in video one hahahah.



The Slow Mo Guys do it:

Captain Morgan supplied the alcohol and the cannon.  First Richard Ryan gets a liquor sponsor, now Slow Mo Guys?  ENDO seriously needs one.  I mentioned I was interested in LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) sponsorship, and commenter derpmaster said:

LVMH? I know that you are all into fashion and whatnot but I think you are setting your sights a little high. Given the readership of this site, I’m thinking more along the lines of Franzia/Keystone Lite/Luxco.

HOW RUDE! :P  ahhahaha.

Come-And-Take-ItThe drinks themselves getting smashed was a bit anticlimactic… seeing that cannon ball fly through the air was awesome though.

Thoughts?  Do you consider these sponsored vids “selling out”?


At a ranch just outside Casper, WY:


I’ve seen some pretty dull looking shoots in the past… not this one though!  Why don’t I know any cool old guys with more ammo than they know what to do with an millions of dollars in various NFA items?

More info about the shoot over at Wyoming NFA Shooters Club.  May 30th is the date the next shoot starts!


Hat tip: Geoffrey


Taofledermaus gets crafty:

God-Bless-America-MovieIt’s too bad a .22LR round has to be sacrificed for this.  Maybe 1 grain of powder in a spent .22LR shell would work just as well?  I don’t know… please don’t take that as advice and go blowing your eye out or something.

Thoughts?  Anyone do this as a kid? Ban assault mini-cannons?


Or football ball cannon if you’re a hipster:

UsherLOL cannon #2 probably resulted in some stained undies.  He didn’t stick around for #3.  I like these guys.



When cannon rings are outlawed, only outlaws will have cannon rings:

ReticleFingerRingBan assault cannon rings!  I wouldn’t want to have a kaboom with one of those on.  The regular fuse and powder burns alone would put an end to my side career as a tactical hand model.