cara delevingne

cara-delevingne-head-shotFunny / well done trailer.  It gave me an excuse to creep google images for a good Cara Delevingne pic, which is always a bonus.  If you don’t think Cara is attractive I feel bad for you son.  She’s definitely one of my favorite Victoria’s Secret models, PLUS she has a major part in the new Suicide Squad movie if you needed another reason to like her.  She models for Burberry as well, which speaks for itself.  Oh and chill guys, she’s 23.

1:32 – Is it just me or does it look like Cara is operating with Silencerco Maxims?

Thoughts?  Would operate with Kevin or Cara?  Any new opinions on Doody Blops III?  Mine is still just “I don’t know… but it looks cool I guess”.  The game comes out 11/6/2015 if you care.

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