I’ve always said CarBYNE, but I also apparently say a ton of other things wrong:

haha this video is just under 12 minutes.  Taofledermaus doing the lord’s work.

If you pronounce Carbine “CarBEAN” then I’m sorry but you have to pronounce the following words the same way:

Combine = ComBEAN
Turbine = TurBEAN
Columbine = ColumBEAN
Concubine = ConcuBEAN

Gotta throw the hard “BEAN” at the end of all those words to keep consistency.  I don’t make the rules, but that’s just the way it is.


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Actually nah, and Yeager shits all over them and gets riled up in this video:

0:28 – SHOTS FIRED at ENDO haha *cough* ENDOtactical *cough*.  I didn’t design that thing to save the planet.  I designed it as a fun addon.

0:47 – Putting a stock on a pistol does not make it a rifle. *eye roll* Wellllll actually it does according to the ATF, plus talk to anyone who has one of my AR-15 stock to Glock adapters and they’ll tell you they can push their handgun out father with better accuracy because of the 3rd point of contact (like a rifle).  We all know the round doesn’t magically change.

Man he’s really charged up.  At least one the guys who work for him has ordered my adapter, and no it’s not FXhummel.  I hope the guy trolls Yeager with it non stop, which prompted this video.



We already know everything looks cooler in slow motion:

Pat-McNamaraPat gasses it up and burns it down as usual.  If Panty-oh tossed some post production filters on that they’d be the gun industry version of Hype Williams.  Get familiar with Hype if you’re not already, and check the opening title sequence to the movie BELLY, classic.  I still bump that entire soundtrack all the time.

When I first read the title of the video as “Carbine Tapas” I was like oh word Pat is into tapas?  So am I, we should do lunch sometime! hah



Carnik Con on the M4:

“How many 10s of billions of people need to be shot right in the face before a weapon system becomes accepted?” hahahhaha

CarniK-Con-YouTubeMirrors and dowels used for m4 disassembly.  Yea that sounds legit.

Carnik Con is so epic.  Make sure you check out the Glock 17 fireside chat too if you haven’t already seen it.

I hope he does more music vids too.



Carnik Con teaches weapons manipulation and advanced reloading techniques:

I love the effort put into making it look like a throwback training course capped off VHS.  Vintage as _ _ _ _.

There are A LOT of funny YouTubers and YouTube channels out there, but Carnik Con consistently makes me LOL non stop.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeThe FPS Russia cameo spoof was pretty good too.



Wet noodle AR-15 barrels FTW:

Last time I checked it’s almost 2013, so unless you’re building some retro throwback tribute to an AR-15 of yore, you need to do like Rob Pincus says and free float the shit out of your barrel.

Do you not want to be the best operator you can be?  Good luck getting range hunnies with sub-MOA groups.

I whipped this up as a joke to go with the post title, but I actually kind of like it: