carbon fiber

I think we all knew this was coming:

The artsy promo vid:

In my opinion Gucci guns are generally dumb… but I am an absolute carbon fiber FIEND so I want this.   I wonder how much weight savings there would be if they could CF mold the entire frame too?  Probably not that much since it’s already polymer.  Either way, maybe one of those 3d printing dudes will do that someday.

$2000 without optic.. $2500 with optic, he mentions at around 2:35 in the video.

I’m loving James’ no-date Submariner.  A man of refined taste.  I have the date version, but have had my eye on the no-date for a long time.  The dial symmetry is incredible 🤤.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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PROOF Research is out here getting it:

preaching-to-choirGreat video, and looks like this company is on the right track.  Man they have a lot of expensive equipment, and it looks like you could eat off the floor in their facilities.  Is this company heavily investor venture capital backed?  I don’t know anyone who has one of their thousand dollar barrels and I haven’t heard their name before.  Regardless, I hope this stuff is as good as it sounds and that the success of the company ends up driving the price of their barrels down so they are put in everything.

3:06 – Did he just leak that they supply space shuttle door gunners with barrels?  Very exclusive.

5:39 – Ok ok they make regular steel barrels at all, and people have been winning competitions with them for the last 1.5 years.

You can check out the PROOF Research website.  I don’t see an explanation mark after PROOF like BLACKHAWK! has, but since it’s in all caps I feel like it’s yelling at me.  Chill PROOF, why you gotta be like like?  What’s wrong with just Proof, unless PROOF is an acronym?

Thoughts?  You down with throwing carbon fiber on EVERYthang because ounces equal pounds?  Do you actively shit on the idea of carbon fiber and use the excuse that you “could use that money for training”? haha


Monica Taofledermaus has friends in high places:

I’d love to see super high resolution and high frame rate slow motion video of that slug hitting the AR500.  Destroying anything carbon fiber is such a flex.

You know I love machining vids! Taofledermaus’ friend Tactical G-Code machined them.  You can watch the machining video here: