First off, RIP Full Conceal *kisses two fingers and raises to the sky*.. gone too soon 😏:

Holy that vid is intense.. a lot of time and attention to detail is required for a build like that.

Not even a Drake shoutout could save Full Conceal.  Since the company is done for, I vote for them releasing the schematics of the parts.  Would be funny to see the 3d printing guys go to town with the mods.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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This is cool, but the price isn’t:

$50 at Rocky Gun.  Seems kind of steep for some cut out cardboard, but as they say “the price isn’t too high if people will pay it”.

30 years ago I would have liked gluing sheets of cardboard together to make something like this.  I would have got to the end and been like “Hmm cool *shrug*…” then just put it on a shelf in my room for a couple decades.  At 36 years old I really try not to bring useless crap that I’m not actively planning on enjoying or using into my life anymore.

Thoughts?  You thinking about hitting up the Hobby Lobby type store near you and starting a glued together cardboard empire?


Mark O’Brien from the UK, uses cardboard to create detailed objects:

The picture above was posted by online paper THE SUN, and they obviously thought it was a perfect opportunity to troll us. Nice AK47 Mark!  If you’re single I can try to get the Glock Desert Eagle girl your number,  I’m sure you guys would hit it off.

Despite the troll, the stuff he makes looks neat.

You can check out some more of his cardboard creations – HERE


It’s finally out, and 25 minutes long!

It’s after 4am and I haven’t slept yet so I haven’t got a chance to watch it.   I skipped through it and stopped at a few parts, it looks EPIC as predicted.



The guys really “brought it” with Cardboard Warfare 1, and even with Cardboard Warfare 1.5 …. Cardboard Warfare 2 looks like it’s going to be on a whole other level of awesomeness.   

According to the end of the video, the release date is September 22nd!


A lot shorter than, and not as entertaining as the first Cardboard Warfare… but still pretty decent.