From her TLC show ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’:

Sarah Palin: “Hey dad, does it kick?” :roll:  Besides that, its pretty obvious she has little to no experience with guns.  Terrible trigger discipline, doesn’t know how to load the rifle, chamber a round etc…

Also, what a courteous caribou to wait around like that. With the first rifle she took around 6 shots, then one of the other guys said something about how the gun must be off so she should try the other gun because it is dead on (heh.. right…. the gun was off).

What an embarrassment. I think this show is doing more to hurt her political career and whatever credibility she might have had, than it is helping it.

It’s a real shame they didn’t let her scope herself on national TV for some LOLz.

The TV show’s website – HERE (if you’re looking for more random stuff to roll your eyes at)

A funny animated gif of her with a shotgun from a previous episode – HERE


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