carls jr

This happened yesterday at a Carls Jr. In Monterey Park California:

The video shows Rodriguez raising a pipe toward a police officer. Two officers open fire – first five rounds, and then the second officer fires five more.

Source – ABC

The police are villainized whenever they shoot someone, by one group or another and i’m really getting sick of the lethal force vs less than lethal force complaining.  “Did they have to kill the guy?”.  Well… they tried to use a Taser and that didn’t work, he came after them with the pipe so they shot him DEAD.  End of discussion if you ask me. Frankly, the whole Taser thing is just a gift to criminals anyway.  Nowadays you can do stuff you would have been shot for back in the day, but instead get zapped and the worst of it is you might shit your pants and go to jail.


Hat tip: Eric, Les, Kyle