carnik con

There’s a LOT to unpack here:

ūü§Ē¬†I have no idea guys ūüė≠ūüėā… the Disney vid samples plus random other cartoon samples / flips are pretty dope. The group is called Little Big, and they describe themselves as “the first Russian rave music band”.¬† It’s no Carnik Con, but in 2018 it’s the best we have.¬† Looks like Dugan deleted the original Carnik Con channel, but most (if not all) of the videos are at this Carnik Con archive channel.¬† I hope those videos were uploaded by Dugan, because if it’s some random-trash-ass content thief that’s making money off of views then then that’s just plain rotten.


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It’s like Christmas in June:

0:46 – “Daewoo – When the bitches be trippin’. ¬†You know I be driftin’.” ¬† hahah genius

1:54 – LOL out of cultural respect.

The DP51 K5¬†pistol doesn’t really interest me, but that AR-100 K2¬†rifle is pretty cool if I was inclined to collect something. ¬†Interesting how the South Korean military is still using it.

Holy those old Daewoo commercials were epic!

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOSadly, I think I remember seeing on his Instagram page (before he shut it down) that he was working on this video… so chances are it might not be “new” new… just one he didn’t release yet. ¬†I don’t know though, maybe I’m mistaken. ¬†I hope I am.


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Oooooo 1-900-Tac-Talk:

Need to talk tactical? Call 1-900-TAC-TALK to start a tactical conversation with combat hardened operators right now, one on one. Want to talk about Beretta CX4 Storms, .40 S&W or maybe you’d just like to discuss 5.11 pants and shemaghs? No problem. We have 67 full time operators standing by waiting to discuss “what is MIL SPEC?” right now!!! We’re real and we can’t wait to listen to you describe every weapon you’ve ever held! Don’t wait, call now!

LOL Carnik Con knocks it out of the park as usual.  The tactical 900 thirst dude in the video is Peter Palma from Ms. Clean which I blogged about yesterday.

I remember those commercials coming on after SNL when I was younger (or maybe it was after In Living Color?  I forget).  Everything about those in this parody is dead on haha.

Tac-TalkWould operate with.  *calls number*

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Carnik Con nails it:

CarniK-Con-YouTubeHaha good stuff.  Man that thing is quick in Auto.

The P90 with the short barrel looks SO much better than the PS90 with that goofy 14″er


High rate of fire on these:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDODamn right?  Those things are quick.  Glad to see Dugan is back making videos, even if they are only 30 seconds long.

I’m sure we’ll see some vids from him at SHOT show this year.


Carnik Con delivers.  No bullshit, just cool shit:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOI have zero desire to read or watch reviews normally, but this type I can do.

That shitty paint job he did on it is so operator.  Where can I get googly eyed targets?


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