Dugan (Carnik Con) is back!

I don’t know anything at all about tourniquets or stopping bleeding, but I see people absolutely COOKING that RATS one (he uses as a joke prop in the video) in comments on instagram.

Nice to see Dugan back, even if the video was short.  Hopefully this is the segue to longer vids.  You just can’t beat that guy when it comes to on point gun related humor vids.


Gat tip: Mike

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Teaching you how to T-Zone hard.

This is the digitally remastered version on Laserdisc:

The OG version probably pulled from a Betamax or 8mm:

I love Carnik Con.  One of the greatest contributions ever to the gun community.

CarniK-Con-YouTubeAccording to my girlfriend (whose leaving me tomorrow for a month to go to Spain so feel sorry for me) the T-Zone is also talked about in the world of makeup.  Who knew non-operator girl’s T-Zoned hard in a different way.



Is the Glock 17 right for you?  Yes… yes it is:

I could quote a bunch of spots in the video, but like All CarnikCon videos, you’re just better off watching it because it’s hilarious.

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDO2:54 – haha “The more you Tzone” … subtle, I like that.

The G17 was my first, and still is my favorite handgun.



Dugan Ashley from CarnikCon with some info that will save your life:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOFiled under instant classic!  I love the effort put into the vintage video look too.

5:29 – LOL hosing the backup, then planting a dual wield on him.

I could quote and laugh at other portions of the video, but as with all CarnikCon vids, you’re better off watching it unspoiled.



Carnik Con kicks knowledge in his unique way:

I knew I was in for a wild ride when it opened with “Dugan’s Tool Shed”.  I liked the history of how the suppressor for the MP5 was invented… quite accurate I imagine.

3:30 – LOL swiss cheese target.

5:17 – Make sure to watch up to the very end, there are outtakes!  Outtakes are the best.

Hmmm that MP5 SD selector switch looks familiar… oh right I make a shirt of it over at ENDO Apparel ;)