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People keep telling me Ricky Gervais is so funny… I guess I just haven’t seen the good stuff with him:

My opologies the only “cut” video I could find was recorded with a ham sandwich dipped in Vaseline.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-Offha ha ha.  

I really wish the Right to Bear Kinder Eggs (RBKE) was reinstated.

Apparently Piers was offended at that kinder egg / AR-15 joke *eye roll*:

Thoughts? Poor widdle Piers.


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In some cases equality maybe doesn’t make much sense:

Full Story over at The DesMoines Register.

LOL his wife is reading firearm safety rules at the start “Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction” … MMMmmmhmm he goes as he is fondling the muzzle with his hand.

0:40 – “If I needed to fire this… I can hear where people are, so I just simply point and shoot” <— Hmmmmm… yea that will end well. LOL

I don’t know what the solution is here… Iowa obviously can’t give every blind person 24/7 protection by issuing each one their own police officer.  However, it seems a bit irresponsible to give someone who CAN’T SEE the power to send lead in any direction at 1000+ ft/sec just because he may have heard a sound he didn’t like and got freaked out.

What’s this so called safety training he went through?  Oh and him and his wife are going to train at the range?  Wonderful, come to think of it that might be why there are so many holes in the roof, baffles, and target hangers at the ranges I’ve been to… blind people practicing.

Blind-Concealed-Carry-GunHows this for a simple test…  6 targets get put up at the range, 5 of obvious non-threats like mom and a baby, kid with a lollypop etc.. and one target of a thug. These targets switch places every 10 seconds.  If he can distinguish the thug one and hit ANYWHERE on the target from say 10ft away 10 times out of 10 he can have his permit.  Oh is that trampling on his rights because people who have vision don’t have to do that?  *eye roll* I hope someone doesn’t comment that.   I’m pretty sure the comment section of this post is going to be troll heaven…


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And that’s that:

Says he didn’t give two shits that it was taken away in the first place because it really made no difference.  He verified he could carry anyway under LEOSA.  Reads a statement… thanks supporters.


Not knowing much about “the law” I’m still really surprised you can say something like “I’M GOING TO START KILLING PEOPLE” in a way that can’t be taken out of context… and then LOL about how you trolled everyone a while later because nothing at all happened to you.  Oh the things I have learned from being on the internet… Pretty epic guerilla marketing move in the end Yeager… bravo sir.




According to a Nashville, Tennessee news station:

A general sessions judge in Benton County ruled last week that the state didn’t have enough evidence to suspend James Yeager’s carry permit.


Oh the LOLz.  Not enough evidence?  The man stated “I am going to start killing people” on video, and then put it on the internet where it went viral and showed up on every major news station.  If he gets his carry permit back I am officially donning my tinfoil hat.  Oh because he half-ass “apologized” he can get it back?  Please.  If you ask me that’s setting a dangerous precedent.  Since when does an apology wash away things like that?  Initially there was speculation that Yeager probably didn’t give a shit about his “permit” being suspended anyway because as a former LEO he was apparently still authorized everywhere under LEOSA (Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act)… can’t confirm this though.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the state appeals the judges ruling.

Speaking of Yeager, he’s really running out of ideas for his vids.  First there were a bunch of Derp Jacket Firearms ones (Neva Been Done Befo’ shit for real), and now there are some useless rants about gay rights and drugs etc… Hardly as cutting edge and abrasive as he used to be.  Maybe now that’s he’s a grandpa he’s trying to settle down?  I’m still waiting for the video of when he’s supposedly going to take his baby grandson shooting and let his little finger pull the trigger.  That should raise a sufficient shit storm (I hope).

God I missed the post picture.  I used to crack up at it every time I used it, which pretty much ended up being daily when Yeager was at his bat-shit-crazy peak.


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What would George Washington do?  What would Thomas Jefferson do?

Full Story – WSMV Nashville

He’s well spoken, calm, and sticks to his beliefs in this interview… I’ll give him that.  If he can manage to keep his ass out of jail, I’m sure as a result of this incident his business grow exponentially.

Who the hell is threatening him, his family, and his business?  Although incredibly ironic, that just crosses the line.  I thought gun grabbers were supposed to be pacifists.

In related Buck Yeager news, he had his carry TN carry permit suspended today – “material likelihood of risk of harm to the public”.  As commenter “SittingDown” said, Yeager almost surely won’t give a shit as shown in this video regarding places where you aren’t allowed to carry, you have to know the difference between “allowed” and “able”.  This is going to resonate even more with him considering people have been threatening his life lately.  I can’t say I feel sorry for him, because he 100% brought this upon himself… but it is unfortunate that’s for sure.

Here’s what I think might happen… the rest of us get to keep our gun rights, but because of the “I’ll kill anyone that that tries to take my guns” public motto of Yeager they will in fact try and take his guns for what they will call “public safety reasons”, or maybe even because they catch him illegally carrying a firearm even though is permit is suspended.  What then?  Well he says he will kill anyone that attempts to take his guns so I’m assuming he’ll be shot dead, and probably take a few law enforcement members (of some type) with him.  This isn’t a good look for gun owners…  or maybe I’m just a pussy, as Yeager would say.  We have to live with our own decisions.


So when is the Piers Morgan appearance?  If it happens I hope he doesn’t let Piers provoke him into an Alex Jones type rage.


If you happened to miss the orignal video where he threatened to kill anyone that tries to take his guns check out that link.

Hat tip: About 50 of you.. you guys are the best.  I’ll get to the emails and thank each one of you when I get a chance.