Oh no, freedom is brewin’ in Georgia:

Americans for Responsible Solutions, which is Mark “Derp” Kelly and Sympathy Pawn Giffords’ group put out the video.  Apparently as shooters themselves, they don’t like other people having freedom.  Damn elitist attitudes… not everyone can be an astronaut and a congressperson dammit.


0:18 – “They want guns everywhere.  Even in the hands of previous gun offenders.” – Someone please explain that to me.  Is that for real?  Is it like it sounds?

I like the video, not the message.  Try putting it on mute and starting up this track while you watch it.  See if that doesn’t improve your day. haha



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Aaargo Jay explores the topic in song.  haha just kidding, he doesn’t sing but he does talk:

When someone asks me what gun they should buy, before they even finish their sentence I yell “GLOCK!”, then they are like “But what if th…” me: “GLOCK! I don’t have time for this shit.”

Aaargo-Jay-YouTubeIn all seriousness Aaargo Jay’s advice is better than mine; you really should try out a bunch and see what works best for you before you buy.  The advice seems obvious, but It’s surprising how many people discover guns years later that they like better because they didn’t look around enough at the beginning.  Even continuing to try new guns that come out doesn’t hurt.

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Spolier Alert: ALWAYS!

The video is somewhat similar to his “Why I Carry A Gun” video, but with more Lady Fortune.  Good none the less.

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Buck Yeager and some kid tell you what to look for:

0:43 – For instance HK, just in general the whole company… HK builds greats guns, you can depend your life on HK but they are a bunch of anti-gun f**kwads and you can’t get parts or service for the damn thing.

LOL that’s why I keep watching Buck Yeager vids… pure gold.

2:55 – WTF?  The kid said he would be worried about spending too much on a gun because if he shot someone and the police seized it he would be pissed off.  You can tell Yeager was thinking WTF too.. and quickly changed the subject.

4:12 – Bashes Kel-Tec for not being built to professional standards.

6:30 – Regarding external safeties hahahha the police department didn’t buy Glocks because they didn’t have safties, but they bought SIGs which also didn’t have safeties, because the SIGs had a hammer.

The elements they say to look for:

  • Availability of parts
  • Comfortable
  • Durability
  • 9mm or .45 caliber
  • 4 – 6 lb. trigger pull
  • No external safeties
  • Hammers are unnecessary
  • Ported barrel guns for self defense are stupid
  • Accessories and availability of accessories



WARNING: Derp Ahead:

Uncle Mike’s nylon pancake holster. :/  I’m sure those work “ok” for a while… but if you’re serious about carrying why wouldn’t you drop ~$100 on something that is actually good?

Oh god… strike two – 1:53 he whips out his concealed carry badge.  I’d love to see him show a cop that… I’d die laughing.

Real sheepdog in that digital puke camo breakup shirt too.

3:50 – “if anything, he’s the one that’s gonna run away and I’m going to be after him like this (running action)” <— ha yea… good luck shaking a murder charge where you chased down a threat and then shot him dead.

Lots of “clip” talk…. *facepalm*

I do agree on if you have the frame to carry a fullsize, why not?  Really though the G19 (or your preferred compact Glock) is just as good if you ask me.

Tactical AK is what’s going to welcome you if you come to his house. hahahah gold…

10:00 – the vigilante / toughguy talk comes out.  Again.. good luck with your court case after you possibly just turned a simple robbery into multiple homicides.

10:25 – “And you can give’er the old spin”  *facepalm*  Yea great idea… *slow clap*

That index finger stayed within the trigger guard for quite a large portion of the video too… with bad habits like that, this guy will put a hole in himself eventually.


Hat tip: Monty S.


MrColionNoir discusses the pros and cons:

No points that I haven’t heard before, but he does a good job of comparing the two and giving examples.

I’ve said in the past that I really don’t care what people choose to do, as long as they are carrying.  The public should become desensitized to people exercising their right under 2nd Amendment, so in that respect I like the idea of open carry.  I’m so sick of hearing people gasp and whisper or react in other ways when they see someone that looks like a “regular guy” open carrying.  “You don’t have to be a police officer to open carry in most states… get over it” is what I’d like to say to all of them.

I like the point Colion made about people looking to you to be the savior. That is a ton of responsibility, which could definitely end badly for you in an infinite number of different ways. Stopping the threat could also go as smooth as butter… but are you willing to take that chance?


Oh and also.. MrColionNoir, why is the whole cartridge shooting through your logo at the beginning?  Do you work for Omega?  haha just kidding I’m trollin’ ;)