Cool mod, but I wonder how comfortable it would be to play with:

No work involved for you, seen on Etsy for $54.89

Brand new unmodified Xbox 360 wireless controller on Amazon for $36.99

Is it worth saving $17.90 and attempting the modification yourself?  Probably not, if the pre done one is done correctly and the person actually sends it.  The once concern I have though is that the original Xbox 360 buttons are smooth rounded plastic, which you would be replacing with 9mm brass which has a fairly square edge on it.  I could see my thumb being worn raw and developing a classic NES blister… which would be cool to reminisce over for a minute, but then would be annoying.

Thoughts?  Have any of you guys done this mod?

Hat tip: Kevin W.


*Gasp* it’s beautiful…

The machine can handle rifle cartridges from .223 all the way up to .50BMG, you just need to switch out a couple of the parts.

They start at $435 and are available at Giraud Tool – HERE

I love how the brass looks like it’s alive when the pickup wheel is rotating.


I’m not a fan of most of Laserlyte’s other products.. but this one looks pretty awesome.

I think I’d want to get one of those Glock trigger auto reset dryfire practice parts ASAP though so I wouldn’t have to keep racking the slide.

Available in 9mm, .40, and .45 for $100 at Laserlyte – HERE

Or for cheaper on amazon – HERE, HERE, and HERE


Seller’s Description:

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE LISTING BEFORE BIDDING. You are bidding on a single .17 Incinerator aka .17/.50 BMG collector cartridge. This is a 50 BMG case necked all the way down to .17 caliber. The cartridge is INERT as it is obviously a joke. It contains no powder and the primer is the old snapped (inert).50 BMG primer. It is in good condition with no neck cracks. I make these myself and it takes about 15 sizing steps, 5 annealing steps, and some lathe work to make them. Item is sold as is.

  • Check out the auction if you want one – HERE

hahaha awesome… not worth $25 to me though but the idea is fun.


Not a “M16 bullet” as the design company would have you believe:

Me being anal… but it’s not a “bullet” nor does it resemble the 5.56 NATO round in the slightest. I don’t know why people that don’t know guns, try to sell a products using gun terminology without consulting anyone.  It happens so often.

Also, whats “PAN!”? Is it French for “BANG!”?

Source – Ortie Design

Hat tip: Design Milk


I was contacted by Matt Collins, the owner of this collection (on a previous post) where I had this picture up:

In the post I mentioned how I had no idea what most of the ammo was, and it just so happens he has a page up at (HERE) naming each one individually.

To get and idea of their relative size, the pic below is nice too:

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