Important information on someone’s safe:

haha good advice.  Despite the obvious lack of food, water, and oxygen issues inside of a regular gun safe, I also wouldn’t want to be the guy to even forget a cat in there for a couple minutes and then opening the door it would probably fly out like a hellfire missile at you.

Speaking of cats, I just finished making dinner and I think we’re going to watch this on Netflix tonight:

I’m familiar with the story, but apparently Netflix did a good job on this so I figure it’s worth checking out.

Thoughts? Also, is anyone really excited about SHOT this year? I still haven’t been, but I find I’m getting less and less excited every single year. Innovation has been VERY stagnant for the last long time… I really don’t like Las Vegas in the first place, so to fly there to see a bunch of AR-15s with dumb engraving and paint jobs and the usual companies with their usual stuff doesn’t really sound like a good time to me.

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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Someone made these:


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Another one I missed from April Fools day which I think is worth posting:

From-My-Cold-Dead-Paws-Cover-Cats-GunsAwesome stuff.  Man that Terminator laser is grail status.  They are forever in the history books for that one.

The best part about lasers and cats is you can aim the laser at your buddy’s crotch without him knowing… then the cat attacks it.  Classic shit.


Complete with shoulder thing that goes up and high capacity assault magazine:

Not California compliant unfortunately.  Reminds me of CornerShot Kitty, and even Machine Gun Cat.

The grin on this cat is the absolute best.  Better hope the recoil is minimal our you’ll be getting a face full of cat ass on every shot.

One more thing… BAN ASSAULT CATS!

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At first I was like LOL, then I was like 0.o

The Army is partnering with the other uniformed services and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to find and treat servicemembers and civilians who were bitten by stray dogs and animals while deployed, according to a command news release.

Source – Stars & Stripes

The article says that the soldier who recently died from rabies, was the first death since 1967.   I don’t mean to be cold, but isn’t there anything else besides enemy fire that has taken more than one life in 44 years?   *shrug* As long as it’s not costing a mint, I don’t see the harm in slapping some of those posters up on bases and maybe shoehorning in a “Hey guys, remember don’t touch stray dogs, cats, etc…” in the next brief.

You guys that have served would know better than me. Do seemingly pointless things like this come down the pipeline every so often?


Rule #994 – NEVER piss off a cat that lives in a dump pouch.