This cat does not seem happy:

It seems like all animals hate it most when their legs are held.  I can’t blame them.

I Hope that is a registered meow auto sear.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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But can’t as a result of not having opposable thumbs and longer arms:

The Rifle appears to be a Remington 700P with a Harris bipod.


From the movie Postal:

Click HERE if you want to see the animated gif of when he fires the gun. (might take a minute to load)


They say cats have 9 lives:

Hopefully this one isn’t on its 9th.


Is this an actual donkey? Or a donkey edition cornershot?

*shrug* They made a cat one so who knows :D

One can never be too careful…


What you are looking at is a weapon platform that can shoot around corners with the aid of a hinged receiver, video camera, and monitor.  This particular model is fitted with a stuffed cat in order to disguise it as a weapon.

Check out the YouTube video:

AR-15 pistol, 40mm grenade launcher, and Glock corner shots are also available.

I’m not saying the CornerShot isn’t cool.. because it definitely is.  It wouldn’t have much utility for the recreational shooter, and judging by the price tag ($7000 – $7500 according to an article on their site) I doubt there are too many out there that would buy one for fun.

CornerShot website – HERE

Hat Tip: Theo Spark