CCI breaks it down for us:

They manufacture 4 Million rounds of rimfire in a day?!   Wow… that’s a lot of shooting.

CCI does make some beautiful looking .22 LR ammo, compared to the Winchester and Federal bulkpack stuff.  Interesting how much human interaction is still involved in the process.  The video looks oldschool though, so I wonder how many of those people have been replaced with machines since then.

<— They really need to put an ammo dispensing machine in their lobby where customers can sample after a tour. :P



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I was doing some cleaning today and I opened all my plastic Glock boxes and took a look inside…

Those of you (in most states) that have bought a new Glock might recognize the following picture as the envelope and casings from 2 spent rounds that are included:

Their are some states that require the two casings to be retained by law enforcement and entered into a database as a way to fingerprint your gun.  I talked about the failure of one of these ballistic identification systems in in New York in a prior article (HERE).

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