Looks like Apple’s security chief got indicted for trying to grease the wheels of the CCW permit issuing dept.  Reno speaks on it:

My dad actually send me this CNN article about the story this morning.  Looks like some extra info on the Mercury News article Reno links, where it also mentions San Jose Sharks tickets and what not.

This is the major problem in a lot MAY issue states.  I hope that it gets dealt with properly, but as we all know and as Reno mentions in the video… it’s not likely a bunch of rich people are going to get in trouble.

Thoughts?  Enjoy a vintage 2016 meme I made, as the thumbnail.

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haha basically.



Oh man… sometimes I wish we could go back to the time of strictly leather holsters and wheel guns.  Check this out:

Yup… that IS what the name implies.

The cringy promo video, in case you haven’t already seen enough:

The name Gundershirt is cool and all… ya sure I guess it’s somewhat of a shirt, but I’m guessing they only called it that because Gunderwear was already taken 😏.  Even the material is more underwear-like than shirt-like. Imagine NEEDING your gun immediately to save your life, so you quickly lift up your shirt to get at it… but then you also have to remove some gun panties off of it. Like I always say… train like you fight. You better be taking that thing to the range, dry fire practicing at home etc. with it until you’re so good you wore holes through an ENDO’s dozen (14) of these gundershirt gun panties because you’ve been training so hard.

I can’t believe this video and product has been out since at least Nov 12, 2018 and only came across my radar now.  Incredible haha.

Thoughts?  You picking one up so you don’t get unsightly redness from chafing on your Sheepdog ponch?


AKA “Trench sights”:

PIE HITTERS ONLY.  You’re probably not advanced enough in your operations to rock these.

Wow look at that machining.  Tolerances of like +/- 0.25″… good enough.



Kevin from USCCA preaches on it:

Hipster-Kitty-Makarov-Open-CarryIf you want to read more of that Phoenix McDonalds open carry snatching, check the link.

Sure Kevin makes some valid points.  One major thing he fails to mention; I’d be willing to bet most criminals would just choose a new victim if they spot you open carrying.



In this Ogden Utah restaurant, they wear kilts and carry handguns:


With a 9mm Smith and Wesson secured in her kilt, Monika Siebers talks with a customer.  heheh “Monika”.  No doubt that old dude is listing the reasons why .45 is better than 9mm, and how kids now have it too easy, and how he had to tell a youngster to get off his lawn.

Full story over at The Guardian.  I was disappointed when I found out in the article the place isn’t actually called “Fish and Clips”, but rather “Sea Bears”.  Oh well, at least The Guardian trolled with the play on words… hehe clips… gets me every time.

Thoughts?  Are you tired of when a big deal is made in the media about something perfect legal and gun related?  The Guardian is a UK site, so I guess they figured a majority of their readers would likely be astonished this can actually happen in the US.

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