boy-scouts-bearded-kids-3Gotta make sure you don’t ND, getting tangled in the neckbeard on the draw though.

I’m actually surprised some holster company hasn’t made up a derpy neck choker holster yet.  If one of you guys is good with Kydex, there’s a free idea for you. :P


An effective CCW method:

Keanu-Woahhaha wow, Ok.  That is TheOfficialBigLA from Instagram.



ahahhaha this:

I literally had no idea what was going on up until the half way point… then I just COULDN’T EVEN lolol.  You’ll see what I mean.

Really nice that to use this thing you need to put your hands in front of the barrel of a loaded handgun… not to mention after that you’re shoving it in your pants with nothing guarding the trigger at all.   I’d like to see him try to draw this thing by preforming that elastic removing maneuver under any sort of stress of jostling.  That like the finest of fine motor skills to find that stupid little coin and do that… might as well thread a needle to release the handgun.

From the YouTube description – “This ain’t your daddy’s holster.”…. ya I’d hope no ones father has this poor of judgement.

There are also 4 testimonials up, which are also priceless.  From a Dentist, a regular guy who looks like he could be main derp guy’s brother, a retired LEO, another guy who is on “24 hour call”. SOLD! I bet Travis Haley, Larry Vickers, and all the other operators will be ditching Kydex and rocking these in no time.

Handgun-SlingWhat a disaster of epic proportions.  I hope the coin with the hole in it that is on the bungee cord is engraved with next of kin contact info for every order.

Sorry I don’t have a link to a website where you can purchase one.  UPDATE: $15 at


Gat tip: no uno, Beau


Location: Arizona.  Well this is obnoxious:

0:13 – “I’m going to call the police on you right now buddy, for walking your dog on the fucking ground.  Do you know how hot it is dude?” -Bud Slayer

Man, I do NOT like that guy’s tone.  I get it… he’s concerned the dog might be getting it’s paws burnt, fine whatever I don’t know enough about dogs to have an opinion on if this is just or not… but come on you couldn’t have came at the guy nicer?  Without trying to sound like you have the authority to tell him (a grown man) what to do?

0:45 – OH SHIT!  It’s on now.

Wow “Bud Slayer” (the guy doing the confronting) just won’t quit and STFU.  I thought the video was going to be over like 6 times, but no… the guy kept prodding and prodding.

Yea that dog looks REAL uncomfortable *eye roll*.  I’m sure there are telltale signs if a dog had unbearably hot feet.

For reference, since we so far just know what the dog walker looks like… put a face to the Bud Slayer name:


Oh and here’s a video of him too.  Oh yea I’m sure the cops would LOVE to talk to this guy, and take everything he says extremely seriously.  Every single one of his YouTube videos is just him blasted out of his mind talking shit at the camera. Naturally he addresses his “haters” in a couple videos.. because when you have 120 YouTube subscribers that’s obviously a massive army of people who are plotting to bring your empire down. LOL.

If you don’t want trouble with Bud Slayer there won’t be no trouble…. as long as you walk your dog in the air, or carry it or something. *shrug*



Mike from Last Line Of Defense puts on a clinic:

Check out that majestic black / multicam star USA flag *breathtaking* … that Run Guns shirt too tho. Always good advice from Mike. He can shoot like crazy and he’s quick too. I originally know him from throwing up some of the sickest ‘grams the gun world has ever seen.

mericaOne thing Mike is nice about not saying, is that for effective appendix carry with a quick draw you can’t be carrying a lot of extra weight up front. I’m sure big guys who appendix carry have figured out how to incorporate a gut lift / gut sweep into the mix, but I can’t confirm. Not everyone has a 8-pack like our guy Mikey. :P


All in one derp solution: Shoulder holster handgun carry, Neck handgun carry, middle of back handgun carry WITH middle of back knife:

So let me get this straight… Mike Mah A.K.A. “NoStressMike” says you should wear that ridiculous shoulder holster with a handgun and extra magazine… ONLY TO MAKE IT INACCESSIBLE by wearing a damn hoody?  Cool story “No Stress”… can I call you that?

0:51 – But wait…. the solution to the inaccessibility due to the hoody is naturally a gun mounted to the back of your neck.  So comfortable I bet.

1:53 – Oh but it gets better… at around 2 minutes he introduces us to his 3rd line of defense. which is downward draw ITH (Inside The Hoody) bowie knife which took far too long to access even under the most ideal conditions.

2:17 – Hold up guys… “Mike Mah is internationally respected for his health and safety knowledge and experience”.  I guess I better quit talking shit right now. He obviously knows more than I’ll ever know.

2:23 – LOL to make things better yet, he has a 3rd gun awkwardly place at the middle of his back.

Mike-Mah-NoStressMike3:01 – He has the audacity to shit on the good name of New York Reload, and call his setup that?  I’d call it a Triple-Derp-Inaccessibility (TDI) reload.

I genuinely try to avoid using the word “retarded” in real life and on the blog because I know it’s offensive.  If you don’t find the fact his blog post (now removed) on this topic is called Special Tactics for Special Needs ironic then I really don’t know what to say (It’s retarded… get it? LOL).


Hat tip: Jason