Auto Glock fire!?  In THIS economy? 😏

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GooooooaaaaaaaL 👀😲😬 ⚽⚽⚽% Gat tip: @lekj2

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Love to see it. 😂

I’m guessing that’s not in the US.. but you never know.


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More than 20 women and children have died and dozens others were injured when traditional celebratory gunfire at a Saudi wedding brought down an electric cable causing a fire to break out.  A total of 23 people – believed to be mostly women – were electrocuted when bullets caused the high-voltage power line to fall on to a metal door at the wedding in eastern Saudi Arabia.

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Wow, who ever would have thought something bad would come from dozens of guys firing automatic weapons into the air?  Seems perfectly safe. *eye roll*

Typical that only women and children would have died.  I hope those guys think about that every day for the rest of their lives.

Two great past examples of Saudi’s cheating death with firearms can be seen HERE and HERE.


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Not a single f**k was given:

Safety is the last thing on their minds.   Lots of AKs… short barreled ones, underfolders etc… I even spot chrome and gold ones!  Nice looking place, and they keep their cars clean too.  It’s amazing no one died.  Can you imagine how much of a damper that would put on the celebration?

It’s a wedding right?  Where are the girls at?  Maybe they were smart and didn’t want anything to do with the shenanigans?

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Detroit gonna Detroit:

Two paramedics sit in their broken down ambulance as shots ring out all around them.

That’s some scary stuff right there.


Needs more explosions, girls, and more guns. Besides that It’s acceptable.