Holy this is well done:

Desperado-Movie-Sleeve-GunMan, that must have taken the guy who made this FOREVER to get the lighting matched across all the scenes, not to mention picking what scenes from what movies to even use.  If this actually existed in real life beyond the editing room, it would be the most expensive movie in history haha.  Like a ramped up expendables.

Definitely worth watching.  Makes me want to re-watch a few of those movies again.

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MrColionNoir x NRA News:

Yea good stuff.  haha at the Stalone movie “Bullet To The Head“… I love when hypocrisy is in the title too, not just the content.

If you missed the last 50 times I posted something that refereed to the Demand A Plan video make sure you check it out.

MrColionNoir-Defend-Freedom-Tshirt-ENDOI lose respect for celebrities who use their fame to shove ideas down peoples throats.  That said, I don’t care enough to remember who said what long term, so unless they said something really heinous that for whatever reason stuck with me, chances are I will forget and keep watching their movies before I remember to boycott them.



I was put onto these two vids by you guys in the comments:

Convenient to not be a douchebag about guns when you’re getting paid millions of dollars to use them.  People can dislike guns for valid reasons and it doesn’t bother me… if they stick to the script then cool good for them.  Please don’t trample on my rights, and call for a solution that won’t even fix the problem.

If you missed the initial Demand A Plan video and the kids version make sure to check them out.



Hat tip: Jayson, Buck, John Smith, Daniel


Oh I’ll demand a plan alright.  It will involve lots of concealed and open carry though, so I don’t think these people are going to like it:

Beyonce and Jessica Alba can forget about me returning their calls… I’m done with both of them.

Rashida Jones!  The betrayal!  Just last week we went shooting together and you do this to me?

MAIG-Demand-A-Plan-To-End-Gun-ViolenceOlivia Munn… I might forgive you… I haven’t decided yet. P.S. you look hot when you’re mad.

The Brady Campaign did something similar, but they have no money (zing) so they used F-List celebrities.



Marketed as a tribute to American bravery:

Wouldn’t you know, some Nobel Peace Prize laureates condemn the show for “glorifying war”, and want it removed from NBC’s lineup.  *eye roll*

NBC’s response: “This show is not a glorification of war, but a glorification of service”

Ranger from Action Figure therapy goes in:

^^^ hahahahah oh man that’s good.  Dean Cain pushing the limits of DADT, and Nick Lachey’s scarf… priceless.

Thoughts?  Anyone bother to watch the show yesterday?  Do you feel the same way as the Ranger?


Singer Marc Anthony, Robert De Niro, shock jock Howard Stern and supermarket mogul John Catsimatidis. Billionaire Donald Trump and his son, Donald Jr.; celebrity lawyer David Breitbart, and artificial-heart inventor Robert Jarvik can also carry steel, police records reveal. Mets third-baseman David Wright has a permit to keep a gun in his city penthouse. Martha Stewart’s daughter, radio host Alexis Stewart, also has a permit.

Full Story – HERE

The best part of the story was “It’s unclear why (Marc) Anthony wanted the permit” …. Let me hazard a guess, maybe because he wants to carry a gun? :P

Nice to hear Donald and his boy are taking advantage of their status and being decent Americans. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if Trump carried around some sort of gaudy .50 Desert Eagle (DEAGLE) with diamonds all over it. His taste is pretty lavish judging by his Penhouse condo they show on each season of ‘The Apprentice’.