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Holy this is painful… both ironically and non ironically:


At the time of writing this article the Kickstarter (like you had any doubts it would be on there) is at 573 backers and $56867 raised. *slow clap*

I didn’t embed the promo video because I don’t want to inflict the physical pain on your eardrums of listening to the guy.

hipster-phonster-phone-holsterhipster-phonster-phone-holster-2Basically they are saying you’ve been carrying your phone wallet and keys wrong your entire life, and you should incorporate their dumb accessory into your lifestyle because it will make everything so much easier.  Yeahh…. no thanks.

This idea for phone and wallet holsters has been done lots before if you just hit up google.  Man, can you imagine how pissed off those 573 hipsters will be when they find out they weren’t the first?

Probably the funniest thing that will come out of this product is that some hipsters will eventually be upset to tears when they get the cops called on them for “open carrying”.  The cops show up with guns drawn, while the hipster is just trying to enjoy his kale salad and kombucha in peace.


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Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Richard Ryan flexes and destroys the new tech as usual:

Hmm yea that would fit pretty nice in the front pocket being curved like that.  In the end that curve alone is going to sell LG a ton of these whether or not it offers any actual benefit.

3:15 – WAS curved…  Wow he disrespected this shit out of that design.  The curve was like “nope”.

5:35 – Nice shot of the .300 BLK heading out of the muzzle towards the camera.  Great planned graze too… Richard is a good shot.


7:29 – Whoa that was a direct hit…. great footage from it too.

Richard is wearing the 1911 Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt from ENDO Apparel.  I have the alternate design on for $15 with the purchase of a regular priced t-shirt for now if you want in at a low price.



Drones.  So Hot right now.  Drones.

1:00 – Is it my imagination, or did only like two bird shot hit the screen?  In the operations I operate in, the screen protector better be able to handle more than that.

I love how the drone was just in the video for pizzaz.  

ClearPlex is the name of the company that makes the screen protector.  They have done advertisements with guns before which garnered a lot of views.  The hipster crowd likely finds these videos “edgy”, and pass them around to their hipster friends and as a result the ClearPlex guys buy more money counters and larger penthouse condos to sit around counting the money in.

Parrot-AR-Drone-QuadricopterAm I the only one that thinks Gorilla Glass is good enough?  I keep my phone in my pocket without a case, and haven’t had any problems yet.



Lucky he’s not driving, or he would get a ticket in most states:

The picture was actually taken in Syria, while they were travelling 80MPH into the city of Aleppo to kick some ass (or get lunch and some beer with his bros when they respond to his text).

Source – CJChivers (Author of THE GUN)

First of all I thought he had his finger on the trigger… but upon closer inspection of the hi-res pictures on CJ’s site, the guy has it behind the trigger.  Interesting choice of resting spots.

Other guesses on what he’s texting?

Hat tip: Steve


So do I put a backup cell phone in there? Or do I look like a douchebag lifting up my pant leg and grabbing the primary every time the phone rings? Decisions Decisions…

Oh Wait.. according to the website (HERE) it’s for avoiding the “tell-tale bulge” when wearing my Armani suit.  All for the low price of $32. HA!