“It’s provocative”:

The video is cool.  It’s hard to see what’s going on, you can’t really see the rifles, and it doesn’t seem to have any rhyme or reason.. but the whole vibe and the music is cool.  I had to go to the site to see what this “Chainsaw” actually is.  It appears that it’s “cosmetically imperfect parts”.  They decided to change the name from Chainsaw to B-line for some reason.  Initially I figured it must have been some sort of trademark issue, but I see they have a trademark on Chainsaw (Serial # 88257434) under component parts for guns.  *shrug* who knows.


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This is terrifying haha:

Chainsaw-DroneThe best parts are when they are exploding snowman heads.

Guns mounted on drones are still more terrifying, I’ll say that.

Does it bother you that I called this thing a drone?  I know we have a name for them when they have four rotors.. quadcopters.  This had me twisted though because it has like 8 or 9 rotors.  Multi rotor UAV?  I don’t know.. this blogging shit is hard sometimes. ;)



*shrug* sort of want…

Looks a bit awkward though compared to how we are normally use to holding guns.  You can check out some more pics from Mossberg here.

Picking it up off the floor though, I could see how the weed wacker / chainsaw grip would be advantageous to get a semi-accurate close range round off.

What do you guys think?


The 500 Chainsaw is named after the unique chainsaw-style handled grip which provides this pistol-gripped model added muzzle control.  Its tri-rail forend (with removable siderails) makes mounting your picatinny accessories a snap.

I wasn’t aware that muzzle control on a pump shotgun was such a hard thing to attain without such an accessory. :P  Gotta love that is has 3 rails and a pistol grip with it too.  If I had this, for kicks I’d mount an ACOG, a high powered optic, and a laser on each rail.

It’s not on the Mossberg website, nor can I find it in their online catalog.

Haters gonna hate. <– This pretty much sums it up.


The Rocket Propelled Chainsaw is one of those things that will be posted on the internet every 6 months or so until the end of time.

It had not graced this blog yet, and since blog reader Steve T sent me a link today with a included comic I hadn’t seen before, I thought I post it:

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