This is terrifying haha:

Chainsaw-DroneThe best parts are when they are exploding snowman heads.

Guns mounted on drones are still more terrifying, I’ll say that.

Does it bother you that I called this thing a drone?  I know we have a name for them when they have four rotors.. quadcopters.  This had me twisted though because it has like 8 or 9 rotors.  Multi rotor UAV?  I don’t know.. this blogging shit is hard sometimes. ;)



*shrug* sort of want…

Looks a bit awkward though compared to how we are normally use to holding guns.  You can check out some more pics from Mossberg here.

Picking it up off the floor though, I could see how the weed wacker / chainsaw grip would be advantageous to get a semi-accurate close range round off.

What do you guys think?


The 500 Chainsaw is named after the unique chainsaw-style handled grip which provides this pistol-gripped model added muzzle control.  Its tri-rail forend (with removable siderails) makes mounting your picatinny accessories a snap.

I wasn’t aware that muzzle control on a pump shotgun was such a hard thing to attain without such an accessory. :P  Gotta love that is has 3 rails and a pistol grip with it too.  If I had this, for kicks I’d mount an ACOG, a high powered optic, and a laser on each rail.

It’s not on the Mossberg website, nor can I find it in their online catalog.

Haters gonna hate. <– This pretty much sums it up.


The Rocket Propelled Chainsaw is one of those things that will be posted on the internet every 6 months or so until the end of time.

It had not graced this blog yet, and since blog reader Steve T sent me a link today with a included comic I hadn’t seen before, I thought I post it:

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