Just yesterday I talked about the Grizzly Bear Chair which California hunter and trapper Seth Kinman presented to president Andrew Johnson back in 1865.. then today I see this:

TRENTON, N.J. New Jersey will hold its first bear hunt in five years this December to thin a growing black bear population that wildlife biologists say is increasingly coming into contact with suburban New Yorkers.

Wildlife officials will issue as many as 10,000 hunting permits, anticipating a kill of 500 to 750 black bears out of an estimated population of 3,400. A similar hunt in 2005 killed 297 black bears, down from 328 killed during a hunt in 2003.

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I know a good idea for an episode of Jersey Shore when I see one. Can you imagine arming all of them with rifles and telling them “Go shoot some bears”?


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Meet Seth Kinman, A California Hunter and Trapper who lived in the 1800s:

By today’s standards he looks pretty eccentric.  Back then he was considered to be pretty eccentric too…  If there is one thing you will come away from this article learning, it is that try as you will… you will never be as badass as him.

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Definitely something I’d like to have in my office.

There is no price listed on the artist’s site. I’ll have to drop him an email.

The artist Alexander Reh’s website – HERE

While we are on the topic of office furniture and decorations, I really want to get an inert M18A1 claymore (not a blue training model), and also one of those anti-tank hedgehogs.