Going to chalk battle with chalk guns:

Ban assault chalk.  Keep your finger off the chalk until you’re ready to shoot.  Keep your chalk pointed in a safe direction.

Chalk-WarfareNice looking job the SoKrispyMedia guys did on this one.



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God this is so artsy I think I gagged:

I love the self importance these artists have hahahah. Wow… I’m sure if gun crime in D.C. decreases over the next 6 months, queen bee Lorin Latarro from the video will probably take 100% of the credit.

Crime-Scene-Chalk-Outline-Police-Line-MurderThoughts?  Anyone up for a pro gun rally where we would write words like “Self Preservation”, “Life”, and “Recreation” on drawings of happy families and regular people who own guns and unsurprisingly are not nuts.


By blog reader and physics grad student at UT-Austin Frank Lee:

Frank does these drawings on the blackboards in the physics grad lounge whenever he gets bored of homework, teaching, or research.  *Gasp* guns at school! haha.  The school related commentary written besides many of the drawings is a nice touch.

You can check out more of his Chalkboard Drawings at his website.  Damn I wish I could draw…



These are very well done:

Really neat idea and the attention to detail is great.  

Chalk flame thrower, hell yea!  See how they made part 1 and part 2 if you’re interested.  What a lot of work.

Reminds me of Cardboard Warfare (See 1.01.5, and 2.0 if you’re not already familiar)