chamber adapter

Royal Nonesuch was back in the lab cooking up:

Royal-Nonesuch-ENDO.410 to 20 GA, .410 to 12 GA.  I like the idea of chamber adapters.  I’d probably just buy machined ones since they are only around $25 as he mentioned… still good to know they can be made though.

2:30 – Shot #1… ear bud headphone hearing protection + eye protection thoughtfully placed in the hair and not on the eyes. haha shot #2, #4, #5… yea still nothing.  I always feel like I’m acting like his mom on this blog, damn.

4:48 – Both the squirrel and rabbit are terrifying!

I like the sample he uses when he puts his logo up.  Reminds me of something Ye would use. Thoughts?


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