A classy incense burner you just might convince your girl to put in the living room:

$228 over at UNION LA.  Yea it’s not the price of you’re average ceramic Chinese dragon incense burner, but do the dragons ever have 1911s?  Didn’t think so.

It would take some getting used to perpetual finger on the trigger (heh), but if I liked incense I’d probably pick this up.  Definitely cool that the incense smoke rises from the barrel of the gun.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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That is the slogan that appears on the latest ad from Nike where the catch phrase is “Prepare for combat”.

There are two different ads.  One that features LeBron James, and the one above which features Kobe Bryant.  The Kobe Bryant one features the controversial slogan.

Nike says that the whole leaving something in the chamber is a commonly used reference for shooting a basketball.

Seems like a pretty deliberate way to get some press considering the locker room confrontation between those two Washington Wizards players in January brought guns and the NBA into the forefront.

Bravo to Nike for not wimping out and just going ahead with using a gun reference.  They knew damn well it would cause a stir.

On a side note, their tattoo work for the ad looks like Dragon Skin armor from Pinnacle Armor:

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