Chaos311Clarity took it to the range:

Chaos311Clarity-Cali-ENDONice work Jon.  Oh Elf on the Shelf… that creepy little NSA spy. :P


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Jon Chaos with some custom Deagle hand loads:

Yea that’s cool.  One of those things you’d see in a movie and roll your eyes… but this one is FOR REAL.


Jon Chaos with a hilarious review:

Chaos311Clarity-Cali-ENDOhaha the start of this vid is gold.  I’ve handled the SIRT, and it definitely is good quality.  I think the fact there is no recoil though takes a lot away from the training experience… just pulling the trigger isn’t really what shooting well is all about.  Recoil management plays a HUGE part.

ahahah those bloopers at the end too.  You can read more information on the SIRT / buy one over at Next Level Training’s website.

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Chaos311clarity-ENDORichard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtGoogle Ads unfortunately just isn’t paying what it used to.  These guys are being humble and asking for your help, if you enjoy the vids and have some spare money you’d be able to throw their way to go towards the cause.  There are reward levels set up depending on how much you donate, but I think the best rewards are intrinsic; knowing that you’re helping them continue to put out videos / being a nice person by donating to something you definitely could just sit back and view for free.

I know this isn’t something I’d normally post, but these are both great guys who put out awesome stuff, and they have always been big supporters of ENDO!


It wasn’t enough that Chaos311clarity shot a titanium Beretta 93R… he had to stunt on us and shoot a Glock 18C as well.  What a dick:

It still constantly bothers me that I don’t own a G18, or a G17 with a drop in conversion.  Where do I have to move, so I can buy these at the corner store?  Africa?  Mexico?

The cChaos311clarity-ENDOycle rate on that thing is incredible.

Chaos is wearing the ENDO Apparel Pictogram Fire Selector Switch Hat.



Chaos311clarity has some fun on the range:

That thing is a beast!  I’d still rather have a Glock 18, because Glock… but the Beretta 93R is definitely in my top 5.  The built in utilitarian fold down forward grip on the 93R is a nice feature too.

Chaos311Clarity-YoutubeBasically no muzzle rise on that thing with the forward grip and the stock!

Chaos is wearing the ENDO Apparel Pictogram Fire Selector Switch Hat.

Thoughts?  Glock 18 or Beretta 93R?