Charlie Daniels


charlie-danielsThis is required watching for those of you guys who gasped at the fact I didn’t think he was the best choice to reach anyone under the age of 93.

I watched a bit of it.  He seems like a solid guy.  He molons a significant amount of labe.


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*whispers* Exclusive */whispers*:

Meat-America-United-SteaksI’m VERY disappointed there wasn’t the “YOU HAVEN’T MET AMERICA” version of Charlie in this vid.  That version is too lit / too legit, I can’t even. That fit he got off in the vid was straight flames as well.

Is Charlie Daniels a bigger celebrity than I think he is?  Yea sure I know he’s famous, but I’d pretty much guarantee if you ask anyone young who he is you’ll get mainly blank stares.

Thoughts? Hell of a screenshot danyodefense picked for the vid right? A dude’s back, partial fence, and some flood lights haha.


I roasted Charlie Daniels on this ad a while back.  Looks like it just got on Colbert’s radar… oh man they did a parody of a “new Charlie Daniels ad” too:

Miss-America-Mallory-HaganThe new parody ad is at 2:39 hahah not bad… but even a parody couldn’t match up to the ridiculousness of the original ad.