charlie sheen

When Charlie Sheen makes a threat, he apparently gets very specific:

The man told police he had a bad falling out with Charlie recently … and learned that Sheen vented about him in a text to a woman that read, “I’ll blow his head off with my Super 90.”

Source – TMZ

At least Charlie has good taste in Shotguns.   But wait there’s more:

A rep for Benelli USA — which manufactures the famed Super 90 shotgun — tells TMZ, the semi-automatic shotgun might also just “make a lot of smaller holes,” depending on the distance.

But one thing’s for sure, the rep tells us, laughing, “It’s impossible for him to blow someone’s head clean off.”

Source – TMZ

Oh really?  Who the hell is this rep?  Benelli should can that joker.  He had a prime opportunity to give an answer that would let the whole world how badass their shotguns are…. instead he opted for a wimpy “safe/wrong” answer.

I thought we heard the last of Charlie Sheen a while back but I guess not.  I find it hard to believe someone like him has zero felonies, but who knows?  Celebrities seem to have a knack for getting pardons.



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