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One of Weapons Education’s least annoying vids yet, so I’m posting it:

Here’s the info sheet on the shotgun:


As you can see CTD is the “exclusive” (you have whisper it) distributor for it.  I hold grudges and still think that company is a piece of shit for raising all their prices whenever the market changes so I’m not linking them, but you can google their URL if you wish and search for the shotgun.  There is a listing for it on the site, but it’s seemingly not available yet even though in the video the rep said they have sold 30,000 units pre-order.

I remember when I had 3rd party advertising on the site, and people used to email me to bug me about how CTD ads would pop up.  In hindsight I probably should have told the ad company to remove their ads, but I always thought it was funny because I talked so much shit about them and they still were OK with advertising on my site.  Damn I just realized this post is a free advertisement for them… shit.

So this shotgun….A novelty?  Absolutely.  Cool?  Absolutely.  For the $1400 price tag I’m sure people will want it as a Kel-Tec KSG alternative… as long as it works better. Definitely similar looking… so much so I bet Kel-Tec is pissed off.



Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Oh look, they “sponsored” an NRA commercial:

I’m not even sure what “sponsoring” an NRA commercial entails.  Maybe you tell the NRA you’re going to make a commercial, and then they review the message of it and allow you to put their logo on it?  Who knows… either way I don’t really care.  They already tried to buy their way back into our favor, that didn’t work… so why not try affiliating with the NRA right?  I really wish the NRA would have LOL’d at them and told them to shove it, but apparently that’s not how things work outside of my little grudge holding bubble.  Oh you shit on gun owners and the 2nd Amendment several times?  Oh whatevs LOL that’s in the past… welcome back!  <— basically how it seems to go.


If you missed all the scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt shenanigans make sure to click that link and check out the past posts.


Hat tip: Ron


Fuck Cheaper Than Dirt for thinking this would work:


Full Press Release – SAF

*gasp* On Valentine’s Day too  >.<

Yeah $100k is a great amount to donate and everything *slow clap* but if I was running the Second Amendment Foundation I would have wiped my ass with that check and posted a pic on facebook instead.

A month and a half ago they were selling G.I. AR-15 magazines for $100, when wholesale cost on those is under $10, and even before that they crumbled to the pressure from the Newtown incident and shit on their customers by stopping online firearm sales.  Oh wait, the y realized that was a bad business move so they put their tail between their legs and started selling guns again shortly after… that makes it OK right?

Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-DirtI’ll say it again… Fuck Cheaper Than Dirt.  If I had more money, I’d donate $200k to the SAF on the condition they told Cheaper Than Dirt that their scumbag money wasn’t good there.

Has CTD pulled their ads off here yet?  I refreshed a few times and didn’t see any.

Thoughts?  Any of you forget about their scumbag actions already, before I reminded you?


An FXhummel1 short about price gouging and knee jerk responses:

If DICK’s had any balls, semi-autos would be on their walls.

Scumbag-Cheaper-Than-DirtI LOL’d when he said that.

FXHummel is wearing the pictogram selector switch t-shirt… one of my personal favorites.




Scumbag Cheaper Than Dirt strikes again:


*slow clap*  Ladies and gentlemen, the new low.  For those that don’t know, these normally retail for no more than $10 each.



SKD Tactical takes a Cheaper Than Dirt style approach, but for a good cause:



First off let me say I appreciate the humor.  As I mentioned in the past, not enough companies have a sense of humor.  Secondly, what a selfless thing for them to do… donating $24.25 to the NRA or the Special Operations Warrior Foundation?!?!  Whoever owns SKD tactical are good people in my book.

Make sure you check out the SKD Tactical website.  They have a lot of awesome gear!   I’m definitely adding them to my bookmarks as a place to check next time I need something.


Hat tip: Charles, Mark