This is how it should go down:

constitutionI wonder what their “success” rate for finding illegal activity at those checkpoints is?  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with stuff like that every day.



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VICE takes a look at weapons that can be built after TSA security checkpoints:

HowTerroristsGetInUnsurprising, but scary.  Until they make us all fly naked, without any carry on items there is always going to be things bad people “could” do. As always though, I’d rather just get rid of those bad people early on so the rest of us can be free. Limiting the freedom of the masses because of a few idiots, is an obnoxious way to run a country.

The guy in the video, Evan Booth has a website called Terminal Cornucopia and a YouTube channel with lots of videos for you to check out if you’re interested.



I don’t know about you guys, but I need my government organizations to be hip:


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I love how they got themselves a hotshot that’s on top hashtags to run it.  Shout-out to that guy holding it down over there.  Ay yo bro… can I get a mention? :P

I personally can’t wait until they start ‘gramming vids of them doing stupid shit with the guns they confiscate.

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Indianapolis, IN – A 39-year-old Delta Airlines flight attendant was arrested today when a loaded semi-automatic handgun was found in her carry-on bag at a security checkpoint.

The 9mm Glock with a full magazine of 10 bullets and a holster were discovered in an interior compartment of Robillard’s bag as it went through x-ray machine at the airport’s Checkpoint A at 6:05 a.m.

Full Story – HERE

Oops!  That would suck if she lost her job all because she forgot to take the gun out.  Or worse, someone else put it there.  At least the two charges they gave her were reasonable, not any “terrorist” crap.

If the charges she received were both misdemeanors, how come she still was taken to jail?