Guys, I’m finding blogging today especially painful… we can add this to the list:

I shit you not: Special Ops and Realtree camouflage editions. LOL

I rolled my eyes so hard.  I love how low effort this Ad is… Marketing Employee #1 “lets just throw these clean trucks in an airplane hanger and have a few guys briefly freak out over them” Marketing Manager: “Yea, good enough… these guys fall for this shit over and over.”


Gat tip: Scott

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This Chevy Suburban fitted with a M2 machine gun was found in Nuevo Laredo Mexico, just across the Rio Grande from Texas:

Pretty scary considering some points of Nuevo Laredo are less than a mile from houses in Texas! (Google Map)

Unsurprisingly, Google does not have “street view” on their maps in that part of Mexico.  Probably something to do with their automated censor program not being able to tell a dead body from a live one. :P

Looks like the M2 would have limited mobility in the back of that suburban because due to the barrel length it would be trapped between the frame on the back right side window.

Hat Tip: Stormbringer