Tru Sheepdogs kno:

I don’t know if the guy calls himself a “sheepdog” or not (my guess is he doesn’t, and he’s just a regular good guy with the CCW).  Either way he took down a wolf.

Here’s the full story at CBS Chicago.

Thoughts?  Chicago needs all the help it can get.  I think it’s cool that the cops are giving this guy the respect and thanks he deserves.

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A kinder gentler Chicago:

chiraq-chicago-gun-violenceLOL they say Chiraq don’t play… but evidently we see that’s not entirely true.

Holy that water gun has a stupid thick stream.

People definitely have been shot in Chicago on a daily basis for much less.  Thoughts?


Rollin and talking shit to the camera:

You heard the man. Do NOT play with him out there. ?????? *smfh* via @thatguyalexis

A video posted by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on

chiraq-chicago-gun-violenceThey don’t call it CHIRAQ for nothing.  Wow, people sure put some interesting stuff up online.

So poetic that the main guy has a Hi-Point carbine.

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True Chicago stories:

0:39 – Concealed carry.  Yup… I like where this is going.

1:14 – Wishin a MFer would.  haha

2:24 – Haha he’s a police officer even?  Nice.

chiraq-chicago-gun-violenceDamn this was the realest video I’ve seen in a long time.  So much truth.  I have zero sympathy for criminals either.

Gat tip: B Gerk


NRA Life of Duty takes a look at the violence problem in Chicago:

chiraq-chicago-gun-violenceYea no doubt, that place is dangerous.  These guys are on point this time with the talking points… not like that “war on drugs” derpisode.

So much car talking again.  These guys must be real busy that they can’t even sit down and answer questions one-on-one for 5 minutes.  Unless NRA really like that disconnected camera angle for some reason.

Like Chicago’s own upstanding citizen and 2nd Amendment ambassador Chief Keef would say “That’s that shit I don’t like”.



Like everything now, this is a Kickstarter campaign… here are the details:

This is the trailer:

GUNLAND peers into the lives of urban youth through a raw and realistic lens. It shows how a community ravaged by gun violence causes kids to be afraid to walk the streets, go to school, and to play.

The neighborhood violence that families have to deal with is daunting. Parents try and protect their children from the gangs and the shootings, but to no avail.  Kids can be shot just standing in front of their house or corner store for seemingly no reason.

I feel like the kickstarter video and trailer should have captivated me more.  I didn’t grow up anywhere near the hood but I liked to think I had an ear to the streets.  Yea I didn’t though, who am I kidding… I just lived vicariously through the raps I listened to.

Chicago is so crazy with the gun violence.  They should ban guns there and fix the problem!  Oh wait….

Head over to the kickstarter page and check it out.  Throw some money their way for the cause if you like what you see.

Obama-Guns-Shoot-ChicagoI feel like A&E has done at least 4 different documentaries I’ve seen on guns and drugs in Chicago, so I’m not sure why this would be any different but I’d still watch it.


Gat tip: MrColionNoir (LOL “gat tip” was actually a typo, but then I was like… sure I’ll tip my “gat” to him.. that works.  Maybe I’ll make that a new thing rather than “hat tip”)