Chief Kessler

Wow, this is impressive:

You probably don’t remember this insignificant tantrum throwing princess, so here’s a refresher.  I’ve posted a few things on this blog almost  every single day since late 2008 and I can say with complete confidence that this guy takes the cake for douchebaggery.  I’m actually impressed.  I wish I could be like “Oh, he probably is just trying to make a name for himself by doing this… and he took acting lessons to be like that” etc… but no, this is impressive because it’s real.  I honestly can’t believe people like this actually exist, and can function within society in any manner.

This guy is his own worst enemy, which I’m predicting will also be the cause of his own demise almost certainly before he dies of old age.  Probably quite soon if he comes for the politicians with that m4 as he so eloquently stated at the end of the video.  His blood pressure must be through the roof.

Mark-Kessler-Loudmouth-DouchebagWhat a fine representation of Law Enforcement and ambassador of the 2nd Amendment in general. *eye roll* Unsurprisingly if you check his facebook pages, he’s a hero to so many.



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