Chris costa

Dude really rebranded himself as a tactical zaddy type figure.¬† Here he is at a recent *checks notes* “Tactical Lever Action” class ūü§Ē

The bootcut jeans and little low pony / man bun thing (or whatever you want to call it), is definitely a vibe. He must have a strict thirst trap content schedule on his Costa Ludus IG page, because it’s a steady cadence of them surrounded by random training and gun pics. The single dad energy is off the charts.

If I ever see him at an event in real life I’m gonna be like ūüó£”drop it low like you did in Japan!” and see if he obliges.

Happy to see he’s still healthy and getting after the money.


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In Texas though, not in Japan as I would have initially guessed. ¬†Ahahaha STI jokes never get old. ¬†If the joke whizzed over your head, STI = Sexually Transmitted Infection. ¬†Yes a very unfortunate acronym for a company of any type to have. ¬†They probably cringed when STD’s (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) morphed into the more modern acronym STI. ¬†Anyways if you care here’s what his STI looks like:

Meh, Gucci 1911s do absolutely nothing for me.  Especially when I see that this COSTA CARRY COMP runs $3700.  LOL hard pass.

Anyways continuing with the Costa theme.  Did you all hear about the Statue of him they unveiled in Japan? (not really, but this is funny):

Thoughts?  Would drop $3700 on the COSTA LUPUS 1911 with the tree bark grips, picatinny rail, comp and all.


I don’t know what to think. ¬†Kinda funny that he initially thought that in 2017 it was acceptable for business to drop all social media for a while there. ¬†He’s back on Instagram now, and wow the man thirst is too much on every post, it’s out of control.



I don’t know why this was necessary, but he DONE DID IT haha:

Wow there’s a lot of shots being fired at what seems like Chris Costa. ¬†Did Costa talk shit about Clint? ¬†If so, get me up to speed… what did he say? ¬†Man I love gun community drama so much.

Here’s why I think he’s talking about Costa. ¬†1) We know Costa shook his lil tush on the catwalk in Japan and played airsoft there with the locals 2) Costa has an expensive german shepherd (vid with him and the dog here¬†and embedded below), and post on ARFCOM here. ¬†LOL according to the post¬†he flies with it (as a service dog) because he can’t fly with a gun. ¬†Classic… one guy even called Costa¬†a “special little snowflake” and another said he thought Costa was an “internet hoax” ¬†ahahha I’m deceased.

Costa’s dog is pretty badass, regardless what it cost. ¬†(2:00 in video) That’s pretty cute that Costa runs Costa Lupus with his wife. ¬†Goals tbh.

2:45 – Is Costa ever not in operator mode?

Thoughts? Clint’s generation definitely isn’t used to getting trolled.



I don’t know if I’m more troubled that Costa looks like Eleven… or that Eleven looks like Costa. ¬†*thinking face emojii* hmmmm.

Who would you rather operate with? ¬†Oh and if you haven’t already watched Stranger Things on Netflix, you’re missing out.


Colion Noir back with his 5th season of firearms and fanciness. ¬†Here’s episode #1:

Man, the production value is impressive.  Music, camera work, editing, everything on point.

Costa looking more silver these days. ¬†Looks like he stays in good shape still which is good to see. ¬†Mr. Steal ‘Yo Grandma.

The part about concealed carry starting at 14 min is honest and real.

20:00 РAnti-gun round table.  Having this type of discussion on the show is interesting, and went exactly how I expected it to go.

Episode #2 on training:

Interesting point he brings up about people not thinking martial arts training is nuts, but firearms training somehow is (to a lot of people).

Dom and JJ are certified badasses. Michelle Viscusi was cool in this, and seems like she works real hard at shooting. She came a long way from being Tactical Snookie.

10:00 – Wooo ENDO Apparel sightings from this point forward!

11:00 – LOL sniffing the ammo box like a creep. Amazing.

11:25 – I really hope that’s his crib and fancy cat. Both look awesome.

15:00 – Ok I’m hungry so I had to pause it. I can guarantee this is going to turn into me watching Westworld Episode #2 and a bunch of other shows tonight, so I probably won’t finish watching this episode until tomorrow after this blog post already goes up.

MrColionNoir-ENDO-New-York-ReloadThoughts? I’m liking the direction this season is taking so far. What about you?