oh wow, how edgy ūüôĄ:

That’s Kentucky Congressman Thomas Massie and his family.¬† It’s great that he’s on the side of the 2nd Amendment, but this is tru normie tier trolling.¬† Dude has a masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from MIT.. he could have at least did a family Christmas AR build on a CNC or something more creative.

If you’re into Twitter, you can scroll through the replies and see how people absolutely lost their minds.¬† A lot of comparisons to the Taliban, school shooters and various other normie responses exactly as you’d expect.


Gat tip: Lighthouse_layman

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Chaos311Clarity took it to the range:

Chaos311Clarity-Cali-ENDONice work Jon. ¬†Oh Elf on the Shelf… that creepy little NSA spy. :P



Hope everyone is having a great Christmas!



Christmas is almost here operators:

5.110:10 – Dat opening walk *bottom lip bite* and she carries a Glock. #Would #WouldOperateWith

5.11 delivered on this. ¬†Glad to see it’s Made In The USA *shots fired?* haha

Gat tip: Eric


And you’re running out of time to take advantage of this deal: is the move. ¬†Alright now that my blatant advertising is out of the way I really hope all of you have a great Christmas / New Years. ¬†I’m taking 1 to 2 weeks off (“OMG BUT MIKE YOUR BLOG NAME EXPLICITLY STATES YOU TAKE NO DAYS OFF” <– Never heard this one before ;) ), and I hope you guys find the time to relax and spend time with family this holiday.

2013 was an amazing year, and I know 2014 will be even better. ¬†It’s going to be skrong right out of the gate, trust me.

Thanks so much for everything! Stay safe, and have a great time this holiday. Keep your powder dry, your glasses full of champagne, and your pockets full of money.



Richard Ryan gets festive with it:

1:36 – He’s packing up… I was like HUH? ¬†That’s a star Richard not a tree!

1:41 – Oh a circle of rocks being set out… this is going to be good

2:13 – Wait… that’s string. ¬†Booooo MOAR DET CORD!

2:30 – Mother of god…. I like where this is going

Richard-Ryan-ENDO-AWBHoly… that slow motion footage is epic as usual.