Holy, now this is what I call a Christmas video:

Ugh seriously? No Multicam Alpine? Newbs… haha jk ;)

Good work Silencerco… more companies need to have a bit of fun.

silencerco-logoThoughts?  You putting a suppressor on your “operator wish list”?

P.S. – Silencerco, when are you going to release a Walking Dead tribute silencer modeled after Carl’s loudener?  I crack up every time I see it make an appearance on that soap opera.



You have given me the best gift of all these past years by continuing to spread the word about ENDO.  The numbers don’t lie, so seeing you come back daily to see what I post, and even participate in the discussion is really awesome to see.

I’m really looking forward to 2013. Continuing with both blogs of course (I run MILcentric too if you’re not familiar) and continuing to release t-shirts and other clothing related items over at ENDO Apparel.  There are a LOT of people getting ENDO Apparel this year for Christmas.  It’s always nice to get emails and tweets from people telling me how much they like the products!

Hope you all have a great / relaxing / safe / tactical Christmas.



Getting into the Christmas spirit:

LOL wow he really jammed that stuff in there.

Mattv2099-AK47-Fruitcake-Torture-TestMattv2099 continues to push the limits with torture tests.  I do NOT like fruitcake at all, so this grossed me out more than his previous vids.

Even though he never puts anything in the barrel, I’d still be afraid that something finds it’s way in there when a round is chambered (like in the mess of the honey Glock), and KABOOMs.



Also known as a Remington 870:

Because America.

Anyone else getting their tree this way?


Have Yourself A Crafty Little Christmas:

Natalie-Girls-Guide-To-Guns-Shotgun-Shell-Christmas-Tree-OrnamentMOAR glitter indeed.  Thank you Natalie for reminding me how alone I am. haha :/

Wait a minute… that looks suspiciously like the tree Hickok45 chopped down.  Scandalous!  Nice work Hickok.  ;)

I abandoned the idea of getting a Christmas tree when I realized that “Black Spruce” was just a clever name.  Too green; not tactical enough for my liking.  I’m waiting for the lab to finish my carbon nanotube Christmas tree, ETA 2016.

Natalie has a blog called Girl’s Guide To Guns which you should check out.


A Christmas cartoon for your viewing pleasure:

Christmas-Reindeer-Shooting-TargetLeave no witnesses.  Blake Shelton and Larry the Cable Guy don’t mess around.

I don’t hunt, but it hardly seems ethical to take a deer down with spray and pray to the hindquarters.  hehe

Hat tip: Daniel