Christopher Schulz

High capacity fear:





Via Supercompressor.

From the artist Christopher Schulz:

They become an attractor of curiosity, one that brings us closer to our fears by showing these items in an elegant, beautiful way.

From the gallery owner:

They sell for between $4,000 and $42,000 depending on the edition, and have been purchased by clients all over the world. “It’s fascinating seeing the different types of people who are drawn to them and for what reason,” she said. “I can say with certainty that no other works in my gallery have attracted more attention and enthusiasm.”

Well that doesn’t sound like the project is done because of anti-gun beliefs… quite the opposite actually.  The guy appreciates both guns and sharks.  I feel that.  I saw jaws… watched a couple news reports and was all “BAN ASSAULT SHARKS” until I realized it’s not the Shark’s fault he’s just doing what he’s meant to do and we’re encroaching.

Oh there’s also a ray, because they are misunderstood and “scary” too:


Seeing a ray, I’m not instantly like “OH SHIT SON!”, but I’d have to say I am kind of sketched out when I’m at beaches and there are signs warning of them.  Gotta keep a close eye on the sand, so you don’t get got when a ray catches you slippin.

You can check out Christopher Schulz website for more interesting pieces.

Thoughts?  It’s too bad these aren’t functional right?  PEW PEW PEW out the shark’s mouth.


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