citizen defender

Actually they call it the “senior citizen defender”.  If this works for someone, then hey whatever go for it:

The supposed purpose of this gun extendo item:

Regular pistols are almost impossible for seniors, women or disabled folk to aim, and if you hold them up to your eyes to use the “sights” the pistol blocks your vision of the room!

But the Senior Citizen Defender lets you aim while holding the firearm at your hip.

This provides a full field of vision, so important if you have to defend yourself during a TERRIFYING home invasion!

No place to purchase, or price yet of course on the Senior Citizen Defender website. I say this every time… it’s standard by now to release a product video and then give people no place to spend their money even if they wanted too.  The font on the website is large and bold, just how you’d expect it.  Naturally there are three utility patents pending.  Again, very standard.

Maybe this next part is only new to me…  but the letter from the lawyer that is on the website talks about how the constitutional right for those who are old or who have disability may NOT be negated by regulatory action seems to have interesting implications if in fact the ATF agrees with that.  My eyes are quite sensitive to light, and my ears are quite sensitive as well… does that mean I should be constitutionally allowed a suppressor anywhere and everywhere as long as my doctor signs off? 🤔



What part of the game is that? *extremely Killah Priest and Ras Kass voice*

3:12 – “you can’t convince me that someone doesn’t have 20 or 30 minutes a day, to dedicate to the craft of being a citizen defender if it’s important to them”…”you can’t convince me they don’t have the money to buy a SIRT pistol and practice every day”.  I initially forgot what this guy’s schtick was until he said citizen defender and SIRT pistol… he’s the laser gun training guy who rebranded the SHEEPDOG.

So… 20-30 minutes with a laser gun per day is considered “training”?  Thoughts?

This all reminds me of a famous quote.. “The greatest trick the sheepdog ever pulled, was convincing the world he was a citizen defender.”


haha I thought this was a joke initially because of the non serious sound of the narrator’s voice, but nope:

FuNkEr TaCtiCaL never disappoints. Like I mentioned in the title, the Sheepdog rebrand is genius…. call them “Citizen Defenders” and it immediately sounds more upscale and less derpy, even while using the same Sheepdog flock protecting rhetoric.

I love how Funker needed to specify that this is an [Intense Promo Video] in the actual title, so we knew what we were in for.