citizens arrest

I always assumed the “citizen’s arrest” was a myth perpetuated by the movies.  I guess not:

I wonder how many successful citizen’s arrests there are per year?  If I had someone try to citizen’s arrest me, I’d just be like “heh, nah”, and move on with my day.

Thoughts?  Have you ever performed a citizen’s arrest?

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Detroit citizen tries to police the police:

Yea didn’t really work out for him.  It looks like nothing happened in the video, but according to the video below the guy could be facing 3 months jail time.

Detroit-gun-logohaha.  The fact he probably didn’t have his eyes on the road while filming and yelling at the cop is not going to help his case.

I don’t see what difference the fact the vehicle was possibly a K9 unit makes?  The dog is behind the cop… how does the cop not wearing a seatbelt make it any less safe for the dog?


Hat tip: Ron, Chris