This looks legit:

0:44 – The Curl Throw!   Damn, now if I could only step up my bullet curving skills in order to be able to hit that.

You can pick up a WingOne For $40  Additionally, you can check out the WingOne website for more info.

If I knew I wouldn’t catch a case doing it, I’d like to do the world a favor and go into all gun stores and break the MTM throwers over my knee.  Sure they are 1/4 the price of the WingOne, but you’ll close that gap in broken clays in no time if you decide to try and “save money” and buy an MTM.



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Like operating the clay thrower like a boss:

hahah I hear kids are also good at picking up spent brass.  What happens when they grow up though and are too young to buy ammo, but want to use up all of yours? :P

Hat tip: Roger


0:18 – “Pick up the rifle…”  Well… not a rifle.  His instructor U.S. Army Special Ops badass Darren Moore should have been like “It’s a shotgun damnit, not a rifle!”

He is shooting at Biltmore in Asheville, NC.  Swanky looking place, I’d like to go there some day.  I’m so terrible at clays, i’d definitely like more practice.  In my defense I was using a Remington 870 with a Knoxx Spec Ops stock on it.

Nice looking Porsche Boxter he’s driving in the video.  I’m holding out for a Porsche Panamera when I undoubtedly get asked by Porsche if I want to do a cross-country ENDO road trip to judge modeling competitions and give my opinion on champagnes and fancy foods.



Because shooting clays aren’t optimally fragile, and don’t biodegrade fast enough:

A mere $24.95 to be the laughing stock of all your friends.

Check out the cracker thrower website to place your order – HERE (I seriously hope this cracker thrower site was created solely as a joke to drive traffic to their “real” site.)

It would be funnier yet if it was one of those tension fit C shaped throwers like they make for clays.  I swear I broke 95% of the clays I ever tried to throw with mine with that thing.  Now I just have a cheap Champion thrower that I feel is going to release early and hit me in the crotch every time I try to load it.

Hat tip: Brian


I was skeptical when I saw the video title because I though those guys were going to be magically hitting the clay on every shot. They didn’t, so that was believable.


Ugh.. slow motion is so epic. I especially like when they speed stuff up for a spit second then go back to slow for dramatic effect.