Drones.  So Hot right now.  Drones.

1:00 – Is it my imagination, or did only like two bird shot hit the screen?  In the operations I operate in, the screen protector better be able to handle more than that.

I love how the drone was just in the video for pizzaz.  

ClearPlex is the name of the company that makes the screen protector.  They have done advertisements with guns before which garnered a lot of views.  The hipster crowd likely finds these videos “edgy”, and pass them around to their hipster friends and as a result the ClearPlex guys buy more money counters and larger penthouse condos to sit around counting the money in.

Parrot-AR-Drone-QuadricopterAm I the only one that thinks Gorilla Glass is good enough?  I keep my phone in my pocket without a case, and haven’t had any problems yet.



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This is extremely annoying:

So this ClearPlex stuff is bullet resistant?  Impressive… seeing as I operate daily in high risk operations and often get into firefights, it would be nice to have.  Hopefully they make Android screen protectors… I don’t mess with Apple.

It kind of looks to me like she didn’t get any direct hits on the ClearPlex iPhone, besides that one in the bottom corner. I would have liked to see a less hipster, more scientific test.


Hat tip: Scotty