clint smith

haha Clint Smith always has a unique way of explaining things:

Classic Clint. haha


hehe this is pretty good:

haha is that guy not wearing a belt either? *smh* Looks like some sort of shiny tracksuit with an elastic waistband.  Also, is he somehow wearing his earpro underneath his hat?  Is this some low profile peltor goodness I don’t know about, or just some flexfit derp maneuver.

It shocks me that a guy with noise canceling earpro, highspeed oakleys, and a shiny track suit managed to make an error like this.  Must be due to the lack of beard.

Sorry about the lack of posts recently.  I had a hard disk die on my main machine, and it took a while to get everything fixed and back to normal.

Thoughts?  I bet someone could make an epic “Clint Smith sound board” and have buttons on it for days.

Gat tip: Thanks everyone who sent it in


WHUT in tarnation:

He mad.  So many valiant white knights in the comments of the video if you click through.

Kind of reminds me of the video where he justified why he’s still valid, and took shots at Costa.

His great grandson needs to explain trolling and “getting trolled” to him ASAP.



Clint preaches on it:

Makes sense.  If Clint was a regular on Instagram he’s probably shit a brick.  I swear most people on there who are marketing themselves as “shooting” personalities are obsessed with a sub second draw + multiple rounds on target.  Maybe they already have the accuracy sewed up though?  I’m not sure.  I make a lot of fun of Instructor Zero on here (Because he’s ridiculous AF in like 100 different ways), but the man can shoot quickly and accurately… which is very impressive.  He can also wear a gas mask and suffocate himself, so I know he would operate efficiently in ANY real world environment :P.



I don’t know why this was necessary, but he DONE DID IT haha:

Wow there’s a lot of shots being fired at what seems like Chris Costa.  Did Costa talk shit about Clint?  If so, get me up to speed… what did he say?  Man I love gun community drama so much.

Here’s why I think he’s talking about Costa.  1) We know Costa shook his lil tush on the catwalk in Japan and played airsoft there with the locals 2) Costa has an expensive german shepherd (vid with him and the dog here and embedded below), and post on ARFCOM here.  LOL according to the post he flies with it (as a service dog) because he can’t fly with a gun.  Classic… one guy even called Costa a “special little snowflake” and another said he thought Costa was an “internet hoax”  ahahha I’m deceased.

Costa’s dog is pretty badass, regardless what it cost.  (2:00 in video) That’s pretty cute that Costa runs Costa Lupus with his wife.  Goals tbh.

2:45 – Is Costa ever not in operator mode?

Thoughts? Clint’s generation definitely isn’t used to getting trolled.


Yoooo Thunder Ranch Clint Smith snaps again on this one:

This guy is so extra.  WHITE LIGHT on the rifle but nothing else extra is what he says.  *shrug* ok bro.  I’ll still keep my margarita mixer, bottle opener, right and left 45 degree canted iron sights, cheese grater, and mounted ipod touch for ballistics calculations and instagram selfies because I’m a grown-ass man and I do what I want. :P

Since they gave this guy a YouTube channel he’s been going HAM.  I posted about him one other time, where I accurately said “Clint Smith sounds like a second amendment loving robot who chain smokes cigarettes and drinks battery acid”