Dynamic Pie Concepts really knows the way to operator’s hearts:

LOL seriously the best video I’ve seen in a while.  Their operational lexicon is definitely on point.  I love the subtle trolling with “I’m out, toss me a clip!” too.

I feel like if Carnik Con and Dynamic Pie Concepts made a full length movie I’d probably die laughing. OMG Becky I would LIKE TOTALLY die.

Dynamic-Pie-ConceptsBasically if you’re not doing the mag flip you’re showing your cards that you don’t operate, so the usual question is redundant.


Hat tip: Mark, Eric, Jason, Scott


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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120 round capacity, but called the “Infinity Mag” anyway:

Banana-Clip-30-Round-Magazine-GunIt’s no 600 round assault clip like Mattv2099 has for his Glock, but I suppose it will have to do.



Tactical Tunes x Vigilant Spectre:

Those are TACTICAL AS _ _ _ _.

ICP-MagnetsOperators be like “BUT BUT it will magnetize my gun and cause it to malfunction because of tiny metal filings stuck to the internals!”  Valid concern?  I doubt those magnets have the strength to do anything crazy, but I also only have my Bachelors in Magnet Science, not my PhD.

Available over at Tactical Assault Gear “The Operators Choice” <— LOL it actually says that.  Priced from $28 to $50 depending on how many pouches you want.




Dump a box of ammunition in the top… give it a few pumps when you have an AR-15 magazine attached and you’re good to go:

Actuate the plunger back and forth loading 5 rounds per stroke as the spring loaded ammo carrier automatically advances aligning the next five rounds until the magazine is fully loaded. A 50 round Ammo Transfer Tray is included to invert ammo that is positioned in boxes with the bullet tip oriented down or to stage bulk ammo for dumping into Mag Charger.

*Keanu Reeves voice* Whoa.  Looks like it works every bit as well as the Automatic AR-15 magazine loader I posted about a while back.  With this one you’re going to have to get your hands dirty though. 

Assault-Rifle-Because-I-Am-Black$80 over at Brownells on backorder.  Looks like they are backordered everywhere I looked… maybe they’re not released yet?

Thoughts?  Would add to operational gun room setup?  Would load up all your assault clips with it?


Yea this is how it goes:


Source – Critical Mass

There are two camps when it comes to this type of thing.  The first, where it’s not acceptable to call a magazine a “clip” or a cartridge a “bullet” (this is the camp I’m in), because those just aren’t their names.  Camp #2 argues that “Language evolves bro”.  Oh language evolves?  So that means we should be OK with calling AR-15s “assault rifles” too, even though by definition they are not?  Whatever… I really don’t care that much but if you say “clip” around me when referring to a magazine I’ll LOL inside and know that you’re a newb.


Hat tip: Castro


Jerry assembles and shoots a 30 caliber magazine clip:

Ghost-Gun-AR15-Lower-Receiver4 rounds on target in about a half second.  It’s no ghost gun, but he’s pretty quick… the 30 rounds took longer at 4.7 seconds.

What’s with that timer?  It’s like the size of a small house.  I’m assuming it’s some fancy pro one that couldn’t be put into a smaller package because there are crystals and laser beams inside.