Cliven Bundy

Conrad gets Cliven Bundy’d:

Conrad-The-Constitution“I don’t want to be Waco’d Ron!”.

haha I love the show… the humor is so cutting edge.


James Yeager’s new show Ammonation just released episode 1:

First off I didn’t like it… this episode that is (and I’ll get into why).  I have confidence when the remaining episodes aren’t about the Bundy Ranch they will be a lot more entertaining.

I really thought the production value would be higher.  Subtle tweaks would make all the difference… Nicer background when James was talking, better fonts, better transitions, and for the love of god 1080p not 720p.  720p makes my eyes bleed.

3:50 – Cliven Bundy is well spoken?  Haha if you say so… I’ll just leave this here.

6:00 – Pfffffffft OD gear in the desert?  Do you guys even operate?

7:20 – Why would there be security at a private party unless they wanted it there?  No one even got shitfaced?  Well that’s boring.

HOLY the Cliven Bundy interview is boring.  I should have watched it closer to when I planned on going to bed just to offset the caffeine in my system.  I like Reid though… He’s a good guy and is like a walking US history book (he was a history teacher if I remember correctly).

Cliven-Bundy-Deal-With-ItHold up, is Cliven Bundy’s western button-up 2013 collection RRL?  Wealth!  haha jk.



Cliven gathers everyone around and gives his observations regarding Mexicans and black people *smh*:

This is Bundy Ranch owner Cliven Bundy in case anyone was confused.  How great for the cause, when not only do you have armed “militia members” but now also what the media is calling a “racist” at the helm.

Oh man… seriously have you ever heard of the internet old man?  What was the point of this rant?  I imagine there was more than a few people in attendance shaking their heads the whole time he was spouting off this garbage.  ARE THEY (black people) BETTER OFF AS SLAVES?! Are you for real?! I lost it at that point… wow.

Cliven-Bundy-Deal-With-ItSince this video leaked, I imagine this has made him more enemies than friends.  It will be interesting to see if less people show up if the BLM comes back to intimidate  him at a later date.

The BLM may or may not be in the wrong, I still don’t really have a solid opinion… that said, I don’t like this Cliven character one bit.

A couple people emailed me this article Meet The Militia Rushing To Cliven Bundy’s Defense, which might be worth checking out. I see it has a lot of Buck Yeager talk in it.


Hat tip: YRPD, James