Eddie Bauer goes back to their roots (sort of):

Head over to the Eddie Bauer Sport Shop site and check out the lineup.

I like how they kept the old timey classic look to the items.  I put “sort of” in the heading when referring to them going back to their roots though because all the items I clicked on were “Imported” (not made in the USA).  I know all the reasons companies manufacture overseas.  My personal thought, and the way I run my companies, is that if someone in the US can make the product that meets my specifications, i’ll get it made here.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but i’ll gladly pay more for an item that is produced domestically if the quality at least can match its foreign made counterparts.



Clothing brand illest wanted a custom AR pistol:

Tactically flamboyant. I like the workmanship and attention to detail though.

Phase5tactical is the company that did the customization.

Make sure to check out illest as well if you’re into streetwear.

Hat tip: Jeremy K.


Kanye West rocking the new gear before it his the shelves:

From high end French fashion house Balmain. Reportedly selling for $1345, although not listed in the e-boutique (store) on their website yet.

The shape is too “crayon like” to be like any rifle bullets I’ve seen.  I know it’s a casting, but they could have at least made the conical profile of the bullet a bit more convex.

If you clicked on the above Balmain link and were like “WTF?  Rich people buy clothes from here?  This site sucks.” … I’ll let you in on a little something.  With the exception of the companies under the LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy) umbrella and a few others, the more upscale you’re brand is, the shittier your website has to be.  It needs to look like it was made by junior high kids working on early Apple desktops, and using music, flash animation and transitions are mandatory. *shrug* I don’t make the rules.  Off the top of my head, another hilarious example is Maison Martin Margiela if you want to check it out.

Back to the belt… would I wear it?  Nah, looks too “Hot Topic” goth for me.  I do like the idea of anything gun related making its way into high fashion though.

Thoughts?  Any of your reloaders/belt makers gearing up to hit Etsy and make a killing with some Balmain inspired bullet belts? :P

Hat tip: Upscale Hype


As promised, all the shirts and sizes are back in stock and ready for order., or if you prefer they can be ordered on Amazon.


I am incredibly happy that most of the shirt designs sold out over the past few weeks in pretty much every size but small.   I was annoyed at myself for not anticipating the rush would be as big as it was (but live and learn… now I know for next year).

I should have everything back in stock (in all sizes) by Jan 1st.  I’ll post again to let you know.

A big thank-you to everyone that bought a shirt!  The feedback has been great, and I’m thrilled to see all the repeat buyers.

Thanks again!


Had a blast of creativity last night so I spent some time in Photoshop and also tweaked the creative style sheets (CSS).  Check it out!

You’ll probably need to hit the refresh button a few times, or clear the cache to see the updates.

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